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Why are girls so fickle??

13 Feb

I really don’t understand. I guess I never will . . . It will be one of those questions that I will ask somebody in Heaven. Girls, and especially teenage girls, are so unpredictable. I have stopped trying to figure Krissy out, because that only brings confusion and pain.

I am at home on a sick day today (my body can’t decide if I have allergies or a stomach thing). The one constant is a headache, and after having it yesterday, that is enough to get me to try working from home today. I offered Krissy a perfectly untouched Pop-tart, to which she turned her nose when she found out it was brown sugar and cinnamon. Drew, on the other hand, will eat ANYTHING (including dirt) as long as someone else fixes it for him. He will make some wife really happy someday. Krissy has to see the complete authentication on her food, and then sometimes she still won’t touch it.

As you can tell by reading my blog lately, life is passing me by and I have no clue.

Valentine’s Day around the corner

12 Feb

What are you getting for your sweetheart?? What I would like to get for Diana and what I will get her are two totally different things. If I were made of money, I would get her a big rock to wear on her ring finger. In actuality, if I give her a rock, it will be the kind you find in a field. (That is what happens when you have a THIRD driver in the family)

What will you get for your sweety??

Getting too old for this . . .

11 Feb

I really think I am. Getting too old for some things. My basketball team played their hearts out yesterday, but we got spanked by a older, better team. It was not pretty. That added to my frustration as I watched uncalled foul after foul. Then, a kid lowered his shoulder and nailed one of my guards, and that “no call” sent me into orbit. I am very disappointed. After the game, when asking about it, I was told by a ref that refs “cannot call every foul . . . You gotta let them play to learn.” Now, I must be an idiot, because when I grew up playing junior high, jv, and varsity ball, refs would call pretty much every foul. How could we learn what a foul is without a ref calling it??? Also, in coaching rec league, church league, AND jv ball, I have always seen refs calling almost every foul. What gives?

What we have here is a fundamental difference in philosophy. And, I guess I lose since I do not have a whistle. (AND DO NOT WANT ONE) I really do feel bad for our league director. He is trying to do the right thing, but cannot get enough refs to consistently come out.

I guess the bottom line is I am getting too old for this, and the game has far surpassed me. Kind of a hard pill to swallow for an over the hill pastor.

What do you want to know??

10 Feb

What if God said to you, “I will tell you anything, just ask.” What would you ask Him? Details about life . . . How the leaning Tower of Pisa stands? Where is Osama bin Laden? Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Okay, there are some things we do not need to know. Some things we could not handle. But the important stuff . . . Well, God is there and ready to equip us for life. All you have to do is draw near to Him. Honestly. He WILL give you everything you need to make it, no matter how bleak the outlook might be. God is YOUR CHAMPION if Christ is your Savior.

Do you REALLY want to know what He wants of you??? Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these other things will be taken care of.

Cloudy Days

8 Feb

I hope you realize that this blog is part of my “therapy” that helps me make it through the cloudy days. There ARE cloudy days for every church, and therefore for every pastor (if he is focused on the heart of the church). Our church has experienced some cloudy days these last few weeks, and therefore, so have I.

Funerals are my least favorite part of the charge I have as a pastor. Mind you, I know this is a necessary part of my job AND that death is a natural part of life. But that really doesn’t make it any easier. Death is tough for those who survive. If we love those around us, we will feel the sting of loss. It can make for a cloudy day for sure.

The great hope in all of this is Jesus Christ. I have probably written this a hundred times, but it makes such a difference when a family KNOWS their loved one belongs to Jesus. There is no question about their future, their eternal destiny. One of the greatest gifts we could ever give our families is the assurance that we know Christ, and we know where we are going one day.

Can YOU give your family that assurance??? It sure could help shorten the cloudy days!

PS – Pray for me . . . I think Satan is trying to make me forget about New Orleans by throwing all of this at me this week.


7 Feb

That is a word we definitely DO NOT APPRECIATE. None of us would choose discomfort if given an alternative. We have the latest in modern conveniences and we like to use them. And use them we do. Because we do not like to be uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable is one of the many complaints I heard about worshiping in the FLC. Now, we did enjoy worshiping as one. It was good to see old friends. This is the church as it is really supposed to be. But what I am hearing now, over and over, is it was uncomfortable. Too noisy. Too many distractions. The same kinds of complaints the New Testament church voiced . . . Right??

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Now, honestly, several folks DID tell me how much they enjoyed joint worship in January. And I wish they would tell some of the other folks that are extremely vocal about how uncomfortable it was . . .

Good thing Jesus wasn’t worried about His comfort 2000 years ago on a hill far way . . . Right?

Pastor’s Blog, Star Date 2.6.7

6 Feb

This week has been real rollercoaster. Families experiencing tremendous pain and then the birth of a new little fellow into our church, bringing great joy. The emotional ups and downs of a church are almost unimaginable. Needless to say, there are people all around you who need your prayers.

I am balancing all of this with the high from New Orleans. When you find God at work in such a strong way, you want to draw near like a moth to a flame. I want to take as many people as I can down there so they can see what God is doing. What is God calling YOU to do this week??

The Super Bowl Post

5 Feb

Okay, my boy from NOLA did it . . . Not only did the Colts win, but Peyton ALSO won the MVP award. So the critics were WRONG . . . They said for years that he could not win the big one, and he DID! Considering the conditions, I thought he did great.

On the other side of the field, I really feel for Rex Grossman. He had some problems holding on to the ball, threw interceptions, had a generally rough night. And he will take a BEATING in the Chicago press. This past week I made a new friend from Chicago (from the South side of Chicago — I asked him if he knows Leroy Brown). He was telling me how badly the press up there treats Grossman, putting almost impossible expectations on him week after week. He observed “people treat quarterbacks as bad as they treat pastors.” My only comment to that was that quarterbacks make a little more money . . .

So the weekend is now over. North Carolina, Clemson, AND Duke got beat. The Colts won. And the sun STILL rose today (theoretically . . . Looks awfully cloudy right now). And, God is still on His throne.

The Final Analysis

3 Feb

The Final Analysis on my return to New Orleans Seminary is this: There is much work to be done. The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. One positive from the storm: The city of New Orleans is much more open to the Gospel message. And there is so much to do. They told us the city would be full of ministry opportunities directly related to Katrina for the next ten years. Can you imagine that??

So, I will do my best to go back and take people with me. For me, I now have the task of alerting SC Alumni of all of this, and the best way to do that is to show them. I would love to see a group of alumni go down for a mission trip, and I would love for a group from Ebenezer to do the same. Yes, many people have gone to the aid of this great city, but God is calling His people out to go and share.

So, the final analysis is anything but FINAL.

Living in the middle of a Miracle

2 Feb

The title of this post is a phrase Dr Chuck Kelly, president of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, said to the state alumni presidents at our town hall meeting with him yesterday. Boy, if I had only known the gate he was opening with those words: Since he said that, we have heard story after story of God’s miracles, both little and GINORMOUS (to quote Buddy the Elf).

I cannot begin right now to even process this stuff, but I promise you will hear about it on Sunday if you make it to Ebenezer. And let me warn you: These are GOD-sized stories that will blow your minds and you will not be able to deny God’s hand at work. And that is awesome!

Pray for this great seminary as it has forged ahead and is WAY, WAY ahead of the city in recovery. Pray for its students and faculty as they now reach out and become Jesus in human skin to those with no hope. Pray for Dr Kelly, my friend and a true example of courage. Pray for pastors all over the Greater New Orleans area who are trying their best to minister. Pray for churches like First Baptist, Covington, and their pastor, Dr Waylon Bailey, as they see God leading them to reach south across the lake and minister to New Orleans, helping it get rechurched. Pray for First Baptist, New Orleans, as they partner with Habitat for Humanity and try to help families rebuild. (BTW – Tonight we found out that due to grants and donations, a church could pay for a Habitat house right now for the low, low price of $10,000).

Pray for me, as I now have the job of bringing all of this back to South Carolina to share with alums AND with you. I am so encouraged and broken hearted in the same breath. God is AWESOME!!!