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Conditional Reason

26 Feb

Conditional reason . . . A term I am coining for a serious malfunction of the church. I am not claiming to have INVENTED this term, but I have never heard it before. Yet I KNOW it exists, because I see it every day.

What is it, you ask?? As a pastor (and really, if you wake up, you will see this in every walk of life) I see this frequently in the commitment and understanding of those who claim membership in the Body of Christ. I guess maybe all of us fall short at some time or another in this area . . . As a pastor, there are at least three different routes people take when it comes to reason. Some, at times, are unreasonable. There is no amount of logic, fact, or ANYTHING ELSE that will cause them to rethink a position or opinion. IF they were always right, this would be fine. But . . . Well, do I have to WRITE it?? Then, there are some who seem to be very reasonable. They will listen to others, listen to God’s word, and are humble enough to change an opinion if they find their first one was errantly formed. Sometimes we are quick to form opinions based on our feelings or on a limited number of facts. These folks can reassimilate and reform, when it seems reasonable to do so.

Then, there are those given to conditional reason. They are actually quite dangerous. They will be reasonable and at least LISTEN in almost every circumstance in life UNTIL IT COMES TO THEIR LIVES. To what THEY FEEL is at the top of the list. Then, reason goes out the window. We all favor “our” projects and causes. And when we put them first, above all else, we are committing conditional reason. And possibly, idol worship . . .

Are YOU guilty of conditional reason?? There is something you can do about it. CHANGE!! Listen to God. Listen to those around you. Let the word of God be your standard. Be humble and willing to admit it when you are wrong. And God will bless you for it.

Test and see if that is true!!!

Why haven’t I blogged lately???

25 Feb

Good question, and one that I really cannot answer. One of those tough things about being a pastor . . . There are some things you just cannot talk about. There have been some really tough things lately, things that no one ever wants to deal with, but you have to. That is where I am right now. And, when I am in this place, the last thing I can do is write about it.

This is not a cry for help or a sign of depression. Honestly. Just letting you know that I WILL be writing again soon!!! Just over that next hill . . .

You would never believe . . .

24 Feb

You would NEVER believe the stuff that happens in a church office. That is all I CAN say about that.

Life is like a box of chocolates . . . Or, should I say RUN, DAVID, RUN!!!!!

Back to the routine

23 Feb

The beach was a great break last week, but it is back to business as usual. Yesterday was a good day at EBC and there is much to do today. So, back to the routine!

Pray for the family of Philip Amerson. Philip was a father of two that was killed in a wreck last night. He is a former member of EBC and his son is a student in the CLC from Sneed. Gonna be a tough time for them (and for all of his friends).

A Perfect Day in the GC

20 Feb

For those who do not know, California has the OC (Orange County). I have been to Laguna Beach, and it is nice, but it is NO GRAND STRAND. I know many do not believe that, but go and see for yourself. Put your foot into 65-degree ocean water in the Pacific and think about it!!

The GC is, of course, Garden City. Mom and Dad own part of a condo down here, and Drew cut school for us to come down with them. Krissy has a softball scrimmage here tomorrow, so this trip serves a couple of purposes. And it is a perfect day!! As clear and peaceful as you could ever want it!!

With ONE exception . . . A little while ago the weather person said it is 31 degrees outside with a wind chill of 24. THAT is why there is NO ONE on the beach, and the seagulls are not even moving around much. I guess this is a great day to look out the glass door at the ocean, because I don’t have a parka to wear out there!!

At least, right now. Mark my words: God willing, I WILL get my feet into the sand today!!!!

Thanks for the Prayers!

18 Feb

To make a LOOOOOOONG story short, thanks for all of the prayers! I had my EGD yesterday (after years of fighting it) and everything looked good. No ulcers and no apparent damage from my Acid Reflux. The course will apparently be to continue with meds for now and address any problems later. I was relieved.

The folks at McLeod were great as always. But I KNOW the prayers of those who were praying worked. I was not able to take my blood pressure meds until after the procedure, but my BP never read high. I had a peace about the whole thing, which is a miracle . . . I had one of these 21 years ago that did not go well to say the least. But that is a LOOOONG story that I am not about to tell.

All things considered, thanks to those who prayed. Now just pray that some of the stress on our church staff will ease up, but again, that is another LOOOONG story that won’t be told (but rest assured that we are all in it together!).

You never know what waits around the corner

17 Feb

Yesterday, as I was doing my Monday hospital visit, God had a plan. A plan I was not aware of, but am glad I am a part of it.

As I walked into McLeod, a teenager standing on the sidewalk at the door said “Excuse me, did you coach baseball?? I think you coached me.” I started talking to him, and sure enough I coached him in Tee-ball eight or nine years ago. He was upset, so I asked him what he was doing up here. He said, “Its my dad.” His dad helped me and Keith Pettigrew coach that team.

He continued, “Dad has liver cancer and they think it has spread.” He went on to tell me they really don’t know what to expect, or what doctors can do.” I prayed with him right there on the sidewalk and went up to see his dad.

Sure enough, there sat a man I haven’t seen in quite a while . . . Randy Martin. And he is very sick. And he told me to get all the people praying that I can.

So, I turn to YOU, blog reader. Please pray for an old friend!

And, as painful as it was to put up with some of the jerks at Maple, I am glad I coached baseball. And God used it yesterday to help a young man and his family.

Nuthin much to say

16 Feb

Nothing much to blog about today. My mind is on my procedure. An EGD. It is really not that big of a deal, except for the fact that I had one many moons ago and they had to completely knock me out for it. I couldn’t handle it. It is hard to swallow and keep a scope down your throat.

Pray for me tomorrow!!!!

What a week!

14 Feb

When I blog, I really do try to share what is in my mind and my heart. However, a pastor is not always permitted to do that . . . People read things into what is written. People discover that I am human, and somehow it disappoints them. I struggle with life just like anyone else. And right now my tank is nearing empty.

This week I saw great victories in some lifes and situations, and saw the depths of defeat in others. I am honestly disappointed. Part of my job is to help people see the big picture of the kingdom of God, and sometimes I do not succeed. And, sometimes, my sheep just don’t want to see it.

One of my struggles as a pastor is that I don’t understand how some can just choose to NOT SEE and continue life their way. But they do. And I am left here, puzzled and feeling the stress pressing in from all sides (because when things don’t go well, the buck stops HERE).

Next week, doctors are driving a scope down my throat to make sure I don’t have an ulcer. FUN!!

To all my friends . . .

12 Feb

Without a computer, and without the ability to check facebook OR my email last night, I had no idea what was going on . . . Apparently Time Warner Cable did NOT carry the UNC/DOOK game??? Well, I am pumped about my Dish Network, because I saw it!!! To all of the Tarheel faithful, had I known I would’ve certainly told you to come on over. And, to all of the Dookies . . . Well, do I really have to say it?? I think we said it last night on the final scoreboard!

Congrats to Tyler Hansbrough for going 4-0 in CAMERON in his UNC career!!!!!