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A little more to this “Ideal Family”

26 Jun

You know, there is one other question Paul answers, both in Ephesians 6 and elsewhere, about this Ideal Family thing.  What if one spouse serves God with all of their heart, and one does not??  What is that one to do?

The answer is STILL SERVE UP TO YOUR PART OF THE BARGAIN.  Yes, this really goes against the values the world has taught us about protecting ourselves and being careful.  HOWEVER … if you are married, you can either go “all in” or not.  And if your answer is “not,” then you are not planning to succeed anyway.  Paul writes on in Ephesians 6, telling slaves to obey their masters and do the best they can do, and in this they might show their masters Christ.  I’m not saying a Follower married to a non-follower is a slave, but the same principle is true.  Live your life according to the Holy Spirit as well as you can … God can use that to shine the light of Christ THROUGH you and to that spouse.

Test and SEE if the word of the Lord is true!!  

Without my right hand

14 Jun

For the next 10 days, my right hand has left the country.  He will be halfway around the world serving on a mission project with 11 others from the Ebenezer Youth Ministry.  That’s right, Drew is on his way to Kenya.

I remember MONTHS ago when Justin challenged our youth to pray and ask God if He was calling any of them to go.  Drew got his answer pretty quickly.  After a couple of weeks, I asked Drew “Have you been praying about it?”  He assured me that God had given him a clear YES and he was just waiting on every one else to catch up.  Then, a lump in my throat:  I wondered if Drew was taking it seriously…  Little did I know that my son was intently listening to God and just waiting on His next move.  As a general rule, we adults DON’T DO THAT often enough.  We want God to lead and bless, but the truth is we want to keep moving.  We have a problem with being still and knowing He is God.  Makes me proud that my son was doing exactly what he should’ve been doing:  waiting on God.

And now, the wait is over.  And he is on his way!  And I’ll be without my right hand for a few days.  But that’s okay … He might be my right hand, but his heart belongs to His Savior.  I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

Something for Dad

7 Jun

This is not a Father’s Day post.  Nor is it a present.  Or, maybe it is …

I sit here in Garden City alone right now.  I am the only one awake (as usual).  This is the FIRST day of our week in which I actually see the sun peeking through the sliding glass door.  We might actually get warm today!!  But, there is something missing …

That “something” is the reason I woke up at 7:20 on a vacation day (I am one of those that once I am awake, it’s all over). That one thing … one person … is my oldest!!  Krissy is doing an internship with the Greenville Hospital System in June and July, so we do not have her at the beach.  And, it’s not right!!

Yeah, I know:  She is now a senior at Clemson.  This was bound to happen sooner or later.  But I wish it had been later!!  And I am reminded of something I’ve always been told and now I must tell YOU, DADS:  You’d better be making memories with your kids.  Because, one day, those will be all you have!!!

Yeah, DAD, I am calling YOU out.  The only way you can make memories with your kids is to BE A PART OF THEIR LIVES.  In a MAJOR WAY.  Money and stuff are great, but they mean NOTHING to a kid who has a dad but he is not part of their lives.  I know kids who’ve already lost their dad … and they would give ANYTHING for more time.  That is what they remember and that is what they want!!  NOT STUFF!!  And, likewise, I know adults who have lost a child.  And they all say the same thing!!

MAKE MEMORIES, DAD!!  However you can!  It will be the only thing that helps you keep your sanity one day when you miss your kid like crazy!  Trust me …