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Why we do what we do

23 May

Ebenezer is blessed in many ways!  Volunteers make 99% of the things that happen successful, and the staff is GRATEFUL!  One of the areas where we have awesome volunteers is technology … As a geek, those folks have a special place in my heart!!

No one realizes the countless, thankless hours they put in working in sound, video, and computer stuff so what happens in worship is seamless and flawless.  The only time they are noticed is when something messes up.  No one ever really notices when things go off without a hitch!  It is the ultimate thankless job!

Sometimes tech teams get discouraged ….  Then, an email like this comes in!  Yesterday I got a message from across the pond:

Hey David!!

I woke up this morning feeling a little under the weather, so I stayed home from my regular activities and just decided to stay at home and rest all day. This morning, I prayed that God would just bless me with a new song today, cause its been a little while since the last time i wrote a christian song. then, i sat down and watched the first service that you preached after you had broken your arms, and God spoke to me so strongly through that message and words just started pouring into my head! the inspiration came from john 5, when Jesus healed the invalid. this is how i know its from God: i finished the whole song in less than half a day, and it is POWERFUL! I’m going to try to make a video and post it tonight or tomorrow, but i just wanted to say thank you for being obedient. I know that God blesses so many people through what you do!


This is NOT me …  Stuff like this DOESN’T HAPPEN without many volunteers, doing their parts!!  It is why we do what we do!

Thanks to ALL volunteers at EBC, whether you are on the tech team, the greeting team, in children’s church, serving in the nursery, and ANYWHERE ELSE serving the Kingdom of God!  To God be the glory!!

Be careful, little mouth, what you say!

18 May

Circumstances this week reminded me of something that happened a long time ago, but has a valuable lesson attached.  So, here goes:

Many years ago, I had a friend that coached Dixie Youth baseball.  As adults sometimes do, there were some who tried to do some unethical things and wanted to pull this man in … But he wouldn’t bite.  This setup culminated in a confrontation between my friend and another.  It was not a pretty scene at the park!

The day after this scene, my friend came to me and told me everything.  I encouraged him to keep doing the right thing, and admired him afterward for the guts it took to stand up.  He died later that day in a freak accident.  (This is a true story)

I wonder now, years later, how this impacts those who were giving him such a hard time for their agendas??  I also use this to remind me to be careful how I conduct myself with others!  This reminds all of us there are no guarantees for tomorrow, and we should all be ready to meet our Maker by knowing Jesus Christ as our personal Savior!!

Most of all, it reminds me of this song I learned in preschool:  Oh, be careful little mouth, what you say!!  Hope you have a good day!  And … let’s be careful out there!


10 May

What does PT stand for??  On Parris Island it refers to the things one does to maintain and build physical fitness.  On a job application, it could mean part-time.  It was what they called the greatest circus man of all time, PT Barnum.  But when you have broken bones or illness, it means something totally different!

Pain & Torture

Personal Torture

Physical Terrorism

aka – Physical Therapy!!

I’m doing my PT at Progressive Physical Therapy on Irby Street.  And I highly recommend them!! They approach this thing on a very personal level, and I like that!!  We started with my right arm (the better of the two).  Honestly, my right arm LIED to me!  I breezed through almost everything they threw at me!!  The elbow is probably at 98% right now, although we are still working through some shoulder issues.

How did Righty lie?  He convinced me that Lefty wouldn’t be so bad.  And, in every way Righty was easy, Lefty is HARD.  Double-hard.  We are making progress, but the progress is slow.  When first out of the cast one month ago today), I could barely move my hand and arm.  We are working hard on this and it is coming along, but there is still so far to go!  The most painful thing is when we stretch my left hand out, but it feels so much better afterward.  Yesterday it was almost nauseating.  We have a long road ahead.

And, even though I give them a hard time and accuse them of trying to kill me … And claim to see a bright light and my grandpa sometimes during therapy … I’m very appreciative of their hard work and care!!  I don’t know if they’ll even see this, but thanks, Pam and Dana!!  You guys are awesome!!!

Does God Speak?

9 May

I was talking with a friend the other day when the question arose … Does God speak to us?  Does He answer questions for us?  How can we know it is Him?

All I know is what I’ve experienced in this realm.  My answer is YES, and experience is my evidence!!

Have I ever heard His voice, loud, audible, and deep??  No.  But I know He speaks to us in a variety of ways.  Two decades ago, I was a young man who seemed to have the world by the tail!  I had a great job as a senior systems developer for a small computer company on the outskirts of Spartanburg.  I’d been married for almost four years to the love of my life and had a six-month-old daughter.  And life was good, or so it seemed.  Even though I’d grown up in a strong church in Greenville, I’d only known Christ as my personal Savior for a couple of years.  And beneath the surface I was running from a call that would ultimately lead me here to this place.

It was a frightening prospect to walk away from a great job, making great money, to pursue a call to ministry.  As God and I “discussed” this move, I prayed for a voice.  I begged for a voice.  I never got it.  (I even asked for a billboard.)

What I did get was a clear call and many, many confirmations.  Confirmations from God’s word.  Confirmations from His people.  It finally reshaped the WAY I prayed.  “Lord, if YOU open the door, I will walk through.”  My life has never been the same!

Does God speak???  ABSOLUTELY!  He is speaking all around us!

The real question is do we listen?