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Brain Hiccup

31 Dec

Have you ever had one?? I had one this morning in the 8:30 service. Well, my outline had a minor boo-boo in it and it just got things off to the wrong start . . . I had name dyslexia with Onesimus and Philemon’s names. MAJOR GOOF!! I picked it up as soon as it came out of my mouth and semi-recovered, but that kind of stuff drives me crazy!! It all started because I had this brain hiccup WHEN I DID MY OUTLINE THAT WE HAND OUT!!

Anyway, I am not perfect. But don’t tell my family!!

The World reacts . . .

30 Dec

Anger, satisfaction, hope, skepticism . . . These are some of the varied responses to the execution of Saddam Hussein. Last night I heard one of his lawyers state that he hopes Bush and Americans are happy now, but Hussein wins in the end. I can imagine he refers to the “reward” he received when he made it to heaven. This lawyer accused the US of puppetting this entire procedure and producing our desired outcome. If all we wanted was Hussein dead, the CIA could have taken care of that with a mysterious illness while he was in custody. No, there is more at stake here than the pleasure of Uncle Sam.

The court that tried this man was an IRAQI court. The judges were Iraqi and the procedure was done according to THEIR civil law. In fact, the fact that he was in American custody during this procedure might have preserved his life until now. Although I obviously was not there, I challenge you to research this: This was an Iraqi action, and so it should have been.

And, as an American, I did not feel like dancing in the streets or shooting my gun up in the air (as thousands did in Iraq this morning). Yes, I feel that justice was done. But their reaction tells the tale . . . They are the ones who had to endure this despot and his rule for decades. They are the ones whose fathers, brothers, sons, and daughters were raped, brutalized, imprisoned, and murdered. If you want to know if this was just, go ask them.

It shocks me that the world AND some Americans can compare this to an old-west style of court, a “proper trial and then a proper hangin.” Why in the world would anyone question justice?? I wonder how many of the nay-sayers would have been willing to live under his rule?

Thankful for the little things . . .

29 Dec

Most of those who know me know that I am a computer geek (with capital EEs). This week I have attempted to use the remainder of my vacation time, and thanks to the wonders of technology (and gurus like Mr Lisenby et. al.), I have been able to do computer support and work from my house. This stuff is the coolest!!

I printed additional barcodes for the library from my office desktop to Mary’s printer (from my recliner at home), I sent my worship outlines to the copier (again, from the La-Z-Boy), and this morning I restarted the file server to take care of something for Kitty (while drinking my coffee and eating a pop-tart).

I really enjoy this stuff. It serves as a great diversion and allows me a little more freedom than I would usually have!!

Thank God for the little things!

As the year ends

28 Dec

As 2006 quickly draws to a close, I wonder how many of our goals from January we were able to accomplish?? Have I made any progress toward the things God wanted me to do this year? Are we reaching the lost? Are we reaching the next generation, or has another year gone by and the gap widened?

If we don’t ask tough questions like these, we will never get to where God wants us to be. And He has a plan for Ebenezer, and for each one of us. I believe with all my heart He wants us to reach the next generation for Him. And that will take MORE than telling them with words: We will HAVE to tell them with OUR LIVES.

Did you have a holly, jolly one?

27 Dec

We did . . . We finally made it to Easley Monday afternoon (after boating through the floods on I-20), and then the race was on: Eat lunch with mom and dad, open gifts, spend a little time there, race up to Diana’s family, spend time there, open gifts, eat supper, race back to mom and dads. Yesterday was a little slower (at least for myself and Drew): We helped my dad replace the wooden columns on the front porch with vinyl/pvc (or some type of plastic). They look good!!

Hope Santa was good to you . . . He was good to us! All that is left is the bills!!!

Christmas Eve 2006

24 Dec

It is the morning of Christmas Eve . . . (Which means it is the morning of the day of the evening before Christmas, if that makes sense). Today there will be people at our church that we ONLY see at Christmas, and then maybe again at Easter. What’s up with that?? Do they think it is a good luck thing to come to church at Christmas time? Don’t get me wrong . . . I am glad they come at least those times, but HOW could they give God the back of their hands for the rest of the year? It really makes no sense at all.

Speaking of things that make no sense . . . I was in CVS a couple of days ago, and THEY ALREADY HAVE THEIR VALENTINE’S STUFF OUT!! And it was not even CHRISTMAS EVE YET!! Why not just leave it ALL OUT all year round?? Might as well . . .

Hope you have a great Christmas, and I really hope and pray you give your relationship with God the right place in your life all year round . . . He deserves our BEST!!

Okay, not a Christmas movie, BUT . . .

23 Dec

Spies Like Us!! A classic Cold-War era comedy about the bunglings of the CIA to test a Star-Wars type of laser defense system, defending the continental US against a Soviet nuclear attack. How do you test such a weapon?? You send a team of spies into Russia to LAUNCH a nuke at Detriot!

How in the world does the CIA intend to pull this off? By sending the two biggest idiots they could find (portrayed by Chevy Chase and Dan Ackroyd) as decoys, enabling the real team to achieve the objective.

This John Landis movie has more guest stars than an episode of the Love Boat. If you haven’t seen it (or haven’t seen it in a while), WATCH IT!! There is even a cameo by Bob Hope, who was an INSTITUTION of the Christmas holiday for years!!!