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Red Auerbach

30 Oct

Once again, American sports royalty has died . . . Arnold “Red” Auerbach has been a fixture for the Boston Celtics since Abraham Lincoln was in 2nd grade. He was a coach, a general manager, an executive, and a good-luck charm to Boston for many years. When he lit his trademark cigar, you knew the game was over . . . As a Celtic fan from the Larry Bird era, I thought Red was pretty cool. This morning on SportsCenter, they describe Red as a leader and mentor, and a man that will be missed by the city of Boston as well as the NBA.

It all makes me appreciate the fact that there are many “Reds” in our midst at Ebenezer. I could start naming them, but I would embarass some and inevitably leave someone else out, so I will not do that. But I will describe them, and you will know who they are . . .

They are encouragers. They reach out and love us and our children. They make a point to speak to as many people as possible on Sunday morning, and when they speak to you, you know someone cares that you are here. They have wise words in times of decision and in times of uncertainty. They are faithful . . . As faithful as time and health will allow. Unfortunately, we lose one or two every year. And when we lose them, they are sorely missed by their family, their friends, and their church.

And when one of them dies, I always silently wonder two things: Who will God raise up to take their place, and will I ever do as fine a job as they have done for our Lord??

Link to YOUR blog??

29 Oct

If I know you, and you have a blog, I would love to link to it. Just e-mail me at and I will take care of it!!

Habitat, part deux

28 Oct

We worked from 8am until 2pm . . .Krissy and Lauren (aka Thelma and Louise) really worked hard along with the men. We got the floor framing in, and after inspection, will be ready for the next step . . .

Working today reminded me what it is all about. I am thankful for all who worked today and all that we got done. I wish everyone in the church could have been here today to see the progress. I guess they will have to settle for seeing it tomorrow.

Habitat Saturday, part 1

28 Oct

I am going to work on the house today. This will be my first time back at the site since the groundbreaking (the last two times I have been scheduled were canceled). I hear we are laying the frame of the floor today. I bought a framing hammer at Home Depot last night, and can’t wait to swing it.

I am pretty pumped about going out there. Satan is trying so hard to bring this thing down, that I KNOW there are good things going on. I really hope everyone in our church family is praying for this project . . .

I will blog again today about the Habitat work, and try to post some pictures. In the mean time, there is another house that has garnered concern in Florence. Some churches combined to build it and got about 2/3 of the way and lost steam . . . Now that house sits on its lot, which ironically, is in front of the current dwelling of the family it was built for. How sad is that?? Jumana tells me the living conditions of that family are really sub-par, too. What can we do?? PRAY about it. Pray that God will move in a mighty way on that project.

Later . . .

Google Analytics

28 Oct

Have you ever checked out the Google Analytics service?? It is free, and it is really cool. I can see how often this blog is hit, what time of day, which website you are linking from (or if you typed the address directly in). I can even see which geographic regions people are hitting it from.

For example, this blog is often viewed from Fort Collins, Colorado. An educated guess would be that my bud, JOEL FOWLER, is reading this . . . I could be wrong, but I think Joel is in or near Ft Collins. So if he is reading this, we send a shout-out across the web to Mr. Legs at West Florence (circa 2000), Joel Fowler.

I guess I really AM a computer geek . . .

Passing 6th grade (AGAIN)

27 Oct

School has really changed . . . I don’t remember my parents having to put so much effort into my education as is required now days. Now, don’t get me wrong: I believe EVERY parent should be actively involved in his/her child’s education. That statement comes back to haunt me everyday when I have to teach because it wasn’t done at school.

I have become a wiz at fractional math (again), science, and this morning I am just as ready as Drew to take the chapter 4 test in Social Studies. It is on Egyptian and Kushite societies. We worked hard on this one . . .

I just hope what I am teaching him will pass muster!

A 3-Legged Drew

27 Oct

I love photography and have taken thousands of pictures with both 35mm and digital cameras. However, I have never lucked into a shot like this: Diana took it at one of Drew’s soccer games and it really looks like he has three legs. The truth is, his friend Justin Joye was running behind him and everything just fit together perfectly.

Drew chose soccer this year over fall baseball (as he has played for the last three or four years). Soccer has been a great change and his coaches are doing an excellent job. AND, it is a refreshing change over the politics of baseball in Florence.

An Awesome Night

26 Oct

What a night!!! We had over 760 people that registered last night (and a NUMBER of workers and church folks that did not), so there is really no way to estimate our attendance at the Fall Festival. It is safe to say that attendance was WAY over 800, and if you were there, you believe it! It reminded me of those old photos trying to see how many people you could cram into a Volkswagen or a phone booth . . . That is what the Family Life Center was like!! It was really neat!

All money raised will go toward the Habitat for Humanity project, and that is pretty cool. I have no idea what that total it yet, but will let you know asap. What is even more cool is this: There were a lot of visitors and people without a church home. So, not only did we get together and have a good time, we also have an opportunity now to reach out to some who do not know Christ.

Pray about all of that, and pray that God will raise up workers for this harvest!!

The Antenna is SOLVED!!

26 Oct

Jimmy Norton has an ANSWER!! The antenna pictured below is STORM CHASING equipment!! I TOLD YOU Jimmy would know! (Although I liked the idea of the cheap gas finder)


25 Oct

According to sources that I cannot name, the big antenna sticking out of the car (in my post below) is a CHEAP GAS FINDER!! And, YES, you CAN get it at Norton Car Stereo!! That just goes to prove that Norton Car Stereo is MORE THAN JUST A STEREO STORE!!

Okay, seriously, no one has ANY ideas what it is . . . I am very curious, so step up the research and let’s find the solution!!!!