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The Life of Jeremiah

10 Feb

I have always felt a deep compassion and brotherhood with the Old Testament prophet, Jeremiah. Have you ever read his story? There were times in his life where he had to go and stand for God when no one else would. When he KNEW he would be ridiculed. When his life would be threatened. Against all forces, he would have to stand. And it was a lonely life for him.

I will admit, the lonely part does not apply. I am thankful for a great family, good friends who follow Christ with all of their hearts, and a great church. But there have been many times when I knew I had to say something that would draw anger and opposition. Things God clearly puts on my heart to say. This has happened several times in my 24 years of ministry. Being a Meyers-Briggs ISTJ, I DO NOT enjoy conflict. But I know deep in my heart I have to obey. No matter how much it hurts or how scary it might be.

Just like Jeremiah. There were times in his life where he thought God was his one and only Friend. For almost 20 years, I have tried to be the best Youth Pastor and then Pastor that I could be at Ebenezer Baptist Church. I have really tried to lead people to follow Him at all costs, because I know that is my calling. I KNOW that is what He wants me to do.

And I know, no matter what happens, He won’t leave me to waste away in a pit or in an Egyptian prison. And for that, I am thankful. But this Jeremiah thing … It is just not fun.