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A Return of Sorts

26 Jul

I think I will …. Haven’t posted an entry for almost 18 months now, but the mood strikes. Honestly I stopped after some criticism of bloggers in general being narcissists. Today I came to realize that I do this for me. I am fine if no one else reads it, so if anyone decides to take issue with that, you are welcomed to stop reading!!

Okay!!! You are still here! The state of the church is still shaky in July, 2022. Many of my friends in ministry have left to pursue other careers. Pastoral ministry has suffered the same fate as many other occupations that work with people as the Great Resignation is alive and well. Thom Rainer has written a ton about pastors who are leaving and/or leaving full-time ministry to be bi-vocational. I am told it is not a matter of if, but when a majority of churches turn to this ministry because of finances. God has blessed Ebenezer in that realm so far, and for this the staff is thankful. And no matter what happens in the future, God has got this.

People in 2022 are very much polarized on everything. There is no middle ground and no meeting in the middle of an issue. We are either ALL ONE WAY or ALL ANOTHER, and there is no negotiation allowed between the extremes. I often wonder what that will do to our communities and I think we are seeing it. I pray often for it and I pray that it won’t creep into the local church, but I am so afraid that it has.

So, here we are. The best thing we (that follow Christ) can do is be obedient and follow Christ. Seek Him in everything and push away our own will. Find those callings and gifts that God has for us and pursue them with no inhibitions. Completely put our lives in His hands. This is the ONLY WAY we will ever make a difference in this world for Him.