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Super Bowl Week

30 Sep

So now I know . . . I know what it feels like to be a quarterback on SuperBowl week. MAN THE PRESSURE!! And, EVERY crazy thing that could happen HAPPENED yesterday. And, yet, this morning God is STILL on His throne. WOW, He is awesome!!

I have planned a Tuesday morning walkthrough for the team, followed by a press conference. And, YES, we will allow the press to come in to the walkthrough, because our game plan is solid and we are NOT AFRAID if the other team sees it.

You see, I believe God is even cooler than Bear Bryant. One of the things about the Bear that you had to love is that he would almost TELL you which hole ‘Bama was running the ball through and DARE you to stop him!! And, most times, they would do it AND RUN OVER YOU.

Satan can’t stop God. Plain and simple. He can cause us to stumble (IF we take our eyes off Jesus), but he CANNOT STOP OUR FATHER. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I might act like Ric Flair at the press conference!

(PS – If you did NOT understand most of this blog, find someone you trust that is familiar with football AND wrestling. And, I am joking about the press conference . . . OR AM I???)

A Big Week

29 Sep

Well, here we are . . . This coming Sunday is the first of our Capital Campaign. So much work by a BUNCH of people at Ebenezer has brought us to this day. And the most pressing question now is will we be ruled by FAITH or by FEAR??

Fear is the opposite of faith. Much has happened in the last few weeks that could give us good reason to fear (in our minds). I liken it to Peter stepping out of the boat and walking on water . . . He was fine UNTIL he looked at the wind and the waves, and he became AFRAID. And then he sunk into the water. What has really changed about this project in the last few weeks? Is it any less important today?

NO. The only thing that has changed is that the waves are a lot rougher. The wind is whipping and whistling. But God is still on His throne, and this world still needs Jesus Christ. And we still have a job to do.

Ghosts appear and fade away

27 Sep

Are the Presidential candidates playing games with MY MONEY?!?!?!?!

26 Sep

Man, all of this posturing is getting old. It means nothing to me as I watch my retirement disappear . . . Should the Great Debate happen tonight?? FIX THE ECONOMY (or, at least put the bandage on). THEN, debate to your heart’s content, boys!

(BTW, don’t even bother to comment on this one. What I have shared is a challenge to both parties and that is where it will stay . . . I am not publishing anything on this one.)

A Hard Day & Night

25 Sep

Okay, one would think with my recent discovery that the days would get a little easier. But this is just a sign that God really IS looking out for me, because yesterday was significantly tougher than days before . . . It was kind of one of those “Murphy’s Law” days, but on MAJOR STERIODS. And to top it all off, knowing that I would have to get up at 5:30 to go cook prayer breakfast, I did not sleep much last night.

I was too hyped up for words. Have you ever been so tired you could not hold your eyes open, but so hyped up that you could not go to sleep?? Doesn’t happen to me often, but of ALL nights, it happened last night.

So I will go cook in just a few minutes and then I will walk through the day today like a zombie. And at 8 pm tonight, I will DROP. I hate days like this.

Trying something new

24 Sep

I am task-oriented. Have been that way all of my life. Ministry IS retraining me, because I cannot always (in fact, almost NEVER) break my day down into a group of tasks. One of the things about ministry is you NEVER know what is coming next. Ebenezer is especially that way.

I have also been guilty of taking too much small stuff on and not allowing those around me to learn anything. I have been caught too many times in the “it is easier to DO this than to train someone” trap. Tommy Dowling has scolded me over the years for that.

Yesterday, I REALLY did try something new. We needed some new network wiring, and I PRIDE myself in the fact that we support our own network. I have been slowly teaching Hooss about all of that. So yesterday, I turned him loose (HEHEHEH – I turned Hooss loose) on a pretty major network wiring project. And I left him alone . . . (Bill had to help him, because there was some major drilling and routing to be done). And I did not stand there, grab the drill, OR check on them every 30 minutes. I just left them alone.

HOURS later, I did check to see how they are doing. It thrilled my heart to see wires run, EXACTLY HOW AND WHERE I WANTED THEM. And a new feeling washed over me . . . I can actually turn this stuff over to them, do the PASTOR stuff that I need to and WANT to do, and THEY GET IT DONE!!!!


Heavens to Murgatroid, part 2

23 Sep

Co-ed softball is over. And I am glad. No, I didn’t play this year but Krissy did. So we would go to the games. Last night we finished out our part of the tournament by winning the first game against Hoffmeyer Road. They are fun to play. Good sports.

THEN, we had to play another team that I won’t name to save a little embarassment to their church. They are not so fun to play. Like to get drunk in the parking lot before the games, and then come in and act like complete jerks . . . They have done that for years, to the point that I don’t ever like playing against them and they are part of what I don’t miss about men’s league.

And they beat us. We had it in our hands in the last inning, but couldn’t pull it through. Well, c’est frommage!!! ON TO BASKETBALL, where some churches act like complete jerks. But if they think they are gonna drink in my parking lot, they’ve got another thing coming.