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Why did I say that???

29 Aug

I THOUGHT I was under the gun in the last post. The House of Worship campaign is going to rock steady once we get things cranked up and rolling, but WOW . . . We were NOT the only ones who feel under the gun. I have spent most of the last two days NOT preparing for Sunday, but putting out fires and talking people down from proverbial ledges.

I think on today, my day off, I will break my cell phone and home phone! And if I ever write that I am under the gun again, just shoot me and put me out of my misery!

Under the gun

27 Aug

That’s is where I find myself with Kerry, Amanda, and Deano on some things for our House Of Worship campaign. Last night we met (until a few minutes ago). It was good and it moving ahead in a positive direction, but there is much to do. And I am glad to see God at work in it, and God at work in our church.

But there is nothing quite like being under the gun.

A Woman of Great Value

25 Aug

(With my sincerest apologies if I borrow from King Lemuel a little)

A woman of great value . . . Who can find her?

She works to make sure her family has everything they need to survive.
She remembers what it was like to be a teenager, and she sacrifices greatly so her children can have.
She is always looking for the best deals, always manages to feed and clothe her family well, and always knows the schedule of everything and how her family will deal with it.
She honors her family by loving her mother and helping all she can; she remembers her father with such love . . . I hope my children remember me so fondly someday.
She is tough on the outside, but it is only a protective exterior . . . Inside she is tender, warm, and loving.
She protects her children with the ferocity of a mama bear, she guides them with the wisdom of an owl, and she teaches them to survive with the cunning of a fox.

Yes, charm is deceptive and outer beauty a mere mirage. But a woman of character, SHE is to be praised.

Who can find a woman of great value?? I have no idea what to tell you fellas, because I married the only one I found!!!!

What a day!

25 Aug

Yesterday was jam-packed with about everything you could imagine for a Sunday . . . And what a day it was!

We had some powerful music in morning worship (which really jacks me up to preach), a discipleship preview at 5:30, deacon ordination at 6:30 (where Andi set a RECORD for longest continual organ music), and then a “brief” deacons meeting that was supposed to last 5 minutes and probably lasted for 30 or more.

I just wish more people would come to a deacon ordination. It really is a meaningful event in the life of our church. But, all in all, it was a great day!

Expectations of Perfection

22 Aug

If you’ve been watching the Olympics, perhaps you saw the highlights of the US men AND women both dropping the baton in one of the relay races. Neither team, therefore, even qualified to run for a medal. And EVERYONE is turning up the heat over this unforgivable faux pas.

WHY?? WE EXPECT PERFECTION. Yep, in EVERY competition, we expect our athletes to excel and win gold. Nothing less will do. So, in the same vein, we are disappointed in our softball team for losing the gold (and the first game since Sept, 2000).

Don’t get me wrong . . . There is NOTHING WRONG with stiving for perfection. I believe the problems ensue when we slowly convince ourselves that we should be perfect, and nothing less will do. Because we are not. Being around athletics all of my life have taught me two things: GOD ALONE is perfect, and I am NOT HIM. Neither is Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, Tiger Woods, Brett Favre, and the list goes on . . .

Am I happy about the dropped batons?? No. But, just proof again that they are human. Will those athletes remember and regret that for the rest of their lives?? Probably. But they are not perfect.

And, last time I checked, neither are YOU.

Hey . . . I thought a DECREE meant it would be so!

20 Aug

I don’t think a single one of my decrees actually came true yesterday. That is all I have to say about that.

Let the Festivities begin!

19 Aug

I decree, on August 19th, that certain things SHOULD happen on my birthday. Here is the list, comply as you are able:

– I will immediately lose 50 lbs.
– Every problem and fire I had to deal with yesterday will not only be completely OUT, any signs of those fires WILL BE GONE.
– Every employee issue on my desk will be resolved without me having to do ANYTHING.
– There will be NO squabbles today that I will have to referee.
– The Braves WILL WIN today.
– In a miraculous move, somehow the Packers will reacquire Brett Favre and all will be forgiven.
– My cholesterol medicine WILL NOT bother me today.
– The new TV season WILL BEGIN TODAY, and not around the 1st of October.
– The Batman tv show WILL BE on the new network lineup, with brand new episodes.
– The Honda dealership will call me, insisting on an even trade between my Accord and a new, beta version of the Pilot that gets 25mph in the city and 32 on the highway. It WILL have a nav system.
– Apple will decide to give us four MacBook pros with everything we need to get into plenty of trouble with them. Deano will be so humbled with the gift that he will renounce Windows Vista and put one of those apple stickers on the rear window of his truck.
– The bank will decide that I have paid on my mortgage long enough, and in light of the fact that it is my birthday, they will FORGIVE all debts.
– Having recognized my coaching prowess, Roy Williams will call and BEG ME to join his staff at UNC. I will politely decline, but will somehow finagle a full ride for Krissy even though I declined.

This list could go on and on, but you get the idea, right????


18 Aug

It is hard to believe Krissy starts her senior year today . . . What is NOT hard to believe is that she has dealt with West Florence SIX times since registration and her schedule is STILL screwed up!! But, that will be corrected.

I am finding it hard to believe that the four year old girl we moved to Florence with is about to drive her brother to Sneed and then herself to the first day of her last year. All of those people who told me I would blink and she would be grown WERE TELLING THE TRUTH.


Home again (again)

17 Aug

Finally! I am ready to be home for a while. We had a great week, but it is great to be home. Since we had the condo until this morning, we stayed LATE last night and came home. Of course, when we got home and ran by to pick Krissy’s car up (which had been in the shop) it was dead as a doornail. Haven’t figured that one out yet, because we jumped it and it seems to be charging . . . Maybe a light was left on????? Time will tell.

After unloading, watching Michael Phelps win ANOTHER gold medal, and winding down a little, I got to bed around 12:30. Way too late for me. Good thing I don’t have to preach this morning.

Sunshine again!

14 Aug

As if it never happened, today is sunny, warm, and clear (so far). I guess we are about to go out and set up the tent . . . Ruskie the LG has already set his stuff up, but since it is later in the week, he is not setting as many up . . . He knows better.

I think I have just talked Krissy into walking to the pier. Later!!