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Love really is the theme

31 Jul

You know, no matter where you study in the New Testament, LOVE is the theme. In all that we are and all that we do, Jesus continually says LOVE. LOVE is the key. Love our brothers and sisters. Love our neighbors. Love our enemies. And, above all, LOVE GOD will all that we are. Jesus said the law and prophets hang on love . . .

When we start judging others, when we start invoking what we think to be right just because, when we start thinking that our plans are superior to God’s, remember LOVE. This is not just empty rhetoric. THIS IS TRUE. I know.

Many years ago, someone told me just how useless he thought I was and how fruitless my ministry was . . . What could I do? EVERYTHING in me wanted to hate . . . It made NO SENSE to love. And, yet, LOVE was really all I could do.

I reached this place where I had to ask, “Do I REALLY believe God’s word? How could it make sense to love someone who hates me?”

Hate consumes and imprisons. Love brings FREEDOM. I just kept on loving and it was HARD. And, we never really resolved those words of his. But I was/am NOT consumed. I know I did the right thing. I will stand before God one day, and I know at least THIS ONE shouldn’t get me into too much trouble.

LOVE. Its not just for breakfast anymore.

The ‘hawk’

31 Jul

Bias in the air . . .

29 Jul

BIAS . . . Such a “bad word” in the P.C. world in which we live. But, it is there with a vengence, and not always where you’d expect it.

When referring to the south, it seems everyone thinks it would automatically refer to race relations. Everyone ELSE in America thinks all we do is burn crosses in each other’s yards and trade massive blows in a racial war that has waged for decades. Not true. Not even close. But, that is NOT what I am blogging about. Allow me to spit out my tobacco and clean the mud from between my toes before I tell a truth that is apparent around the world . . .

One of the most biased groups in America is found in the MEDIA. You must look no further than the presidential race, once again, to see it. But it doesn’t stop there . . . There is an underlying wave that grows stronger every year against CHRISTIANS. I read news on all sorts of websites (reputable ones, like CNN, FOX, local news) and it is not hard to see. Makes me wonder what kind of America we will live in twenty years from now . . . Will it be a crime to serve Christ?? Will it be a crime to speak the TRUTH of God’s word??

I have friends in the media (at least, I did BEFORE I wrote this). And I know that not all media outlets conduct themselves this way. But more and more of them are. So, what can WE do about this??

Stop, look, and listen. KNOW WHO YOU ARE LISTENING TO and listen to what they are saying. Find a media outlet that presents BOTH sides of an issue and does not chose to take cheap shots at our elected officials OR favor one candidate over another. There are still some out there that really are fair. FIND THEM and be guarded in your listening!!!

Check this one out from

28 Jul

Deceased Delivery Driver Taken to Funeral in UPS Truck
Sunday, July 27, 2008

CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill. — Jeff Hornagold of Crystal Lake loved being a UPS driver.
So when Hornagold died this week of lung cancer, longtime co-worker Michael McGowan agreed to take him on one last delivery.

McGowan transported Hornagold’s body from Davenport Funeral home to Saturday’s funeral services in his UPS truck.

McGowan said he plans to keep a picture of Hornagold in his truck until he retires so that they can keep riding together.

Hornagold was a UPS driver for 20 years, and his wife Judy Hornagold describes him as “just the happiest UPS man alive.”

She said the special delivery was the perfect tribute.

Back in Florence (even better)

26 Jul

Yep, we are BACK!!! And glad to be here. There is nothing quite like HOME!!!!! (and it is rare that I am away from home for EIGHT days)

And looking forward to tomorrow!!!! I HATE to miss a Sunday . . .

Back on Earth

23 Jul

I am back on the face of the earth. For a little while. The wedding went great, which was a blessing from God considering the tropical storm that was skirting the coast this past weekend. Right before we started the clouds broke and the sun peeked through. It really was a God-thing.

Since then, Diana and I drove up the coast to Surfside Beach to spend some time with her family. Her sister, who lives in Brazil, is here with her gang and we are ALL in a beach house together. Fun, fun.

With Ed in Honduras, Mary in Charleston with Roy and his surgery, and Pam in the mountains, Justin, Andi, and Lisa are having to run the ranch . . . By next week they will all three be bald! And I am realizing just how burned out I really am while I am down here with my feet in the sand.

The Bewitching Hour??

19 Jul

I thought that was Midnight, UNTIL LAST NIGHT. Last night in Mt Pleasant, SC, the Betwitching Hour lasted for EXACTLY 60 minutes between 3 and 4 am. That is when Diana and I were awakened to the sound of a herd of buffalo above our heads. Yelling, laughing, STOMPING, and then the air conditioner came on. Couldn’t hear it. Decided not to call. Then the air conditioner went off. AUGHHHHH! Caught between the realm of sleep and consciousness. And, for some reason, I couldn’t motivate myself to call the front desk.

All I know is the coyotes STOPPED howling exactly at 4. I am thinking about running up stairs, knocking on their door, and running . . .