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The Beware-itudes

25 Nov

Yeah, okay, I kind of made a word up for the title.

Doing the role in which I currently serve, I have many opportunities to observe.  To watch people.  To watch how they treat each other.  To watch how they accomplish their goals and how they do life.  I have come to the conclusion that, all around us, there are some pretty awesome people!!  There are also some for whom we need to BEWARE.  So … This is dedicated to them in all of their glory!!

BEWARE OF THOSE WHO PROJECT THEIR MISERY INTO YOUR LIFE.  That old saying, “Misery loves company,” is ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!!  And, all around us, there are some people walking in misery who want us to walk in misery, too!!  If their marriage isn’t so great, they find problems in YOUR marriage.  If they are lonely and afraid, they will give you 500 reasons to be the same.  If they cannot have happiness and peace, no one else deserves to have it, either (at least, in their minds)!!!!  You deserve better:  Surround yourselves with people who are positive and watch THAT spill over into your life.

BEWARE OF THOSE WHO PUSH YOUR BUTTONS.  Sometimes, they are just doing that for their own entertainment purposes.  I once had a friend who would do that.  He was so predictable.  He would tell Sally what Susie said about her, and then he would run to Susie and tell her what Sally was saying.  (AND HE WAS AN ADULT!!!!)  Then, when it would all hit the fan, he would stand off on the side and grin.  And laugh.  And enjoy.  If you have a “friend” who is constantly pushing buttons and stirring the pot, stand back and watch.  That “friend” might just be using you for entertainment value.  You deserve better:  When you discover someone in your life who is doing this, some separation might be good.

BEWARE OF THOSE WHO CONSTANTLY SHOUT YOU DOWN.  No matter what your ideas or practices might be, they constantly criticize and discredit.  Perhaps they haven’t DIRECTLY told you not to do something in life, but they say things like “I hate people who meet with other people at Starbucks …”  (NOT that I have ever heard that, but just an example.  By the way, some of the best ministry things I have done lately have been in the walls of a coffee shop.)  You deserve better:  While I agree that sometimes friends have a better perspective on our ideas and can lead us away from a mess, surely if you are listening to God and praying about life, surely at SOME POINT you will have a great idea.  If you have friends who are doing nothing but shouting you down, take note and after they shut down your 50th idea, ask them why???!

BEWARE OF THOSE WHO SEPARATE YOU FROM GOD AND/OR THE ONES YOU LOVE.  Yes, there are people IN YOUR LIFE who will attempt to separate you from God.  Or, perhaps they want to separate you from your family or friends.  BEWARE OF THESE PEOPLE!!  A proven abuse strategy is to separate someone from those they trust to make them easier to manipulate and control.  If you have someone in your life that is trying to pry you away from all of the positives in your life, BEWARE!!  You deserve better!!!!  Open your eyes and SEE what is happening!!!!

I am sure there will be more BEWARE-itudes to come!!!

We’ve lost it

8 Nov

Hello, blog, my old friend.  It’s been a long time.  And I’ve been thinking about some things.

I am becoming more and more convinced that we’ve lost it.   I have no idea if we will be able to find it again.  And, the world has changed forever.  It might never be restored.

From where I sit, I see a world that increasingly cares about ITSELF.  And that is all.  And, to be more specific, most people only care about THEIR world.  Their needs.  Their agendas.  There is very little empathy for others.  Very little consideration of what might be going on in the world of another.  Just their world.

Not all people are falling into this trap.  But, in 2019, most people are.  It seems they are believing that old idea of LOOKING OUT FOR NUMBER ONE.  “If you don’t look out for yourself, no one else will.”  Wisdom from the world.  Contrary to the Word of God.  Yet I see it in the church more and more.  It is discouraging.  Disheartening.  The kind of thing that could encourage a guy to walk away from it all.

It is completely contrary to the words of Jesus in Matthew 22 when He was asked “What is the Greatest Commandment?”  He answered, “Love the Lord your God with EVERYTHING that you are.  And, love your neighbor as you love yourself.”  We get the “Love the Lord your God” part (or, at least, we will say that we get it).  But the idea of loving my neighbor as much as I love myself???  Too many people choose the world’s version of life and are, quite frankly, unwilling.

In my humble opinion, this is why people are so vicious to each other.  This is why churches struggle to accomplish the mission that God Himself has given to them.  This is why there are so many hurting people in our world today.  Because we are so focused on ourselves that we do not take the time to look around and see those we might be able to help, who are all around us.

And, the answer to how to solve all of this, is YOU.  And me.