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Lady Knights advance

30 Apr

Yes, the last week has been consumed with state-playoff softball trips. I have spent a fortune on gas and HOURS on I-95 in the last week. And, we are still alive!

We shocked the higher-seeded Goose Creek team last Thursday, went to Walterboro on Saturday to lose a close one to Colleton County. That sent us BACK to Goose Creek on Monday (and it rained us out, so we went last night) to shut them out AGAIN. And tonight, BACK to Colleton County. And we have to win a double-header. And, our girls CAN do it!!

Of course, I will not be able to go tonight. But that is where my heart will be!!!

And while we are addressing problems . . .

29 Apr

Since I have your ear (okay, technically your EYE), I have a social responsibility to address another problem that is reaching epidemic proportion in the world in 2008. Yes, that is right . . . MEXICAN CAT JUGGLING.

My mentor tried to address this problema in a movie 30 some odd years ago, but the problem persists. WHY DOESN’T OUR GOVERNMENT GET INVOVLED??? If my neighbor was doing it I would call animal control. Mexico is our neighbor . . . Who do we call??

If you don’t know what I am writing about, go and rent “The Jerk” by Steve Martin, one of the favorites of EVERY GUY who loves stupid movies. But, be warned . . . Mexican Cat Juggling is a dangerous and contagious sport.

What price are YOU willing to pay for your kids??

28 Apr

Were I told how difficult and painful it can be to be a parent, would I have done it?? YEP. I love my children, and the positives far outweigh the negatives. I heard a statistic the other day that a child born today will cost his/her parents $1.5 million to raise. Are they worth it??

In spite of all of the sickness, broken bones, times of rebellion, failure, and tears you will wipe because “friends” are not what they seemed to be, it is worth it. Because, with those times come laughter, joy, pride, achievement, and many times when YOU can make a difference in their life like no one else.

My children are not perfect . . . But they are mine. It is kind of funny how I see them making some of the same mistakes I made, and then I hear the same words coming out of my mouth that my mom and dad shared with me. You know, back when I thought they knew nothing. (That just reminds me that one day my children will have this same “AHA!” moments!!)

Are they worth it?? My answer is YES. What is yours???

Have Faith in His Grace

27 Apr


25 Apr

Lies . . . Stories we make up, or enhance, because we are bored or do not know the REAL truth. Rumors hurt people. Rumors, at times, run amok in churches. And that is just not right.

We should be above all of this, but we are not. You would almost expect this kind of behavior in the world, because those of the world desire to bring the church down! But you shouldn’t have to deal with it in a church. And, yet, you do.

If you trace a rumor back to its seeds, most times you will find an unexplained story to which someone has “added” an ending because they do not have all of the answers. And, we like having all of the answers. Unfortunately, we also like to wag our tongues when we hear the newest, juiciest tales about others. I think people like to hear bad things about others because it makes them feel better about their problems. “Well, at least I don’t have it as bad as John Public . . .”

I am a firm believer in being careful about listening to them, NOT SPREADING THEM, and trying NEVER to start them. Rumors can ruin marriages, families, careers, neighborhoods, and churches.

And, those who LOOOOOVE starting them will answer to God one day.

We WON our first playoff game!

25 Apr

We just got back from the great city of Goose Creek, where the WF Lady Knights beat GC, 4-0. As Goldberg would say, “WHO IS NEXT??”

That would be Colleton County on Saturday. KEEP ROLLIN’, Lady Knights!!!

A Day in the life of a Serial Blogger

23 Apr

Why do I feel I need to blog everyday?? I certainly don’t feel LIKE blogging everyday! The truth goes back to a conference at Saddleback, one I attended 14 months after I started blogging. In that conference, the leader stressed the need to blog often and not just put one up a week. Therefore, I try to write SOMETHING almost every day.

Today is one of those days when I don’t have a soapbox to get on, neither kid played ball last night (although Krissy did have a pitching lesson and I got hit in the face with a ball), nothing significant happened to the Tarheels, so I am kind of at a loss.

I COULD tell you about the bird that just flew into my den window. The irony of that story is that he is the dumbest bird in Florence, because he flies into it multiple times every day. He just did it again. We even put one of Drew’s old GI Joes up there to try and scare him off . . . Did not work. Several times he has attacked Joe.

I COULD write about the fact that I am the ONLY morning person in my family. The rest of them would sleep all day if given the opportunity. I have to be the bad guy every morning and the party-pooper every night when I run out of gas and they are all still bouncing off the walls. Usually nature balances that with two kids, but I got the short end of that stick.

I COULD tell another story from Bay St. Louis. But, instead, a riddle: If you see Zac Jones, ask him about the appropriate uses of a bench grinder. He will tell a much better story than I could (or SHOULD) about that one.

I SHOULD congratulate John Smoltz on his 3000 strikeout last night. Although he doesn’t read this blog, he deserves it today. Smoltzie is AWESOME.

How about THIS, Dustin???

23 Apr

Sorry it is a little late

22 Apr

A Story of Adversity

Spring Break Woes

22 Apr

Well. the WF Lady Knights played last night . . . I think . . . A double-header against Darlington. And the spring break cobbwebs were ALL OVER THE FIELD!! We lost the first one 5-0 and the second 2-1. The second game was a good one, but in the end, we just could not pull it out. I hope this is a good wake-up for playoffs and we left all of those cobbwebs on the field. Time will tell!

So, yes, I got back from Mississippi, got ready for Sunday and a funeral, did both, and now I am back to running from field to field. There is no rest for the weary!!!!