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Seeing the power of God’s kingdom in action

30 Apr

I’ve thought much about something lately … Something that seems trivial, but it’s actually ginormous.  Maybe not where you’d expect to see God’s power at work, but He is showing up HUGE.

PRAYER!!  Well, duh!  I know God inhabits praise and He hears every prayer that we even THINK.  No, seriously, you will never know what it has meant to me to know so many people across this globe that are praying for me!!!  I have friends in almost every church in Florence, and I’ve heard from almost every one of them HUNDREDS of times in the past 8 weeks.    (Yep … 8 weeks on Thursday).

But it doesn’t stop there …  I’ve heard from friends all over South Carolina that fervently pray for me and my recovery.  I’m looking at a prayergram I got in the mail yesterday from West Hartsville Baptist Church (about 20 miles away from me).  Churches in the upstate are praying.  THEN, I regularly get cards from the prayer ministry of Rolling Hills Baptist in Fairfield, OH (Mark & Priscilla Plunkett).

Skipping to electronic media, HUNDREDS of messages from folks in my neighborhood to New Orleans to DC to Nashville to tons of other cities all the way to Lake Forest, California (Rick Warren).  Then, skip across the pond to Hawaii to my friends, the Lopez brothers.

What does all of this mean to me??


Yep … That’s where I am today.

SLOW Progress

29 Apr

Yes, therapy progress is SLOW.  The right arm deceived me (although I’m still doing some things with it, too.)

I am moving my fingers, elbow, and shoulder on the left side.  Slowly.  The compression glove is ivory-colored, so it really does make my hand look fake.  Little kids stare.  Adults, too.  I HAVE done my Phil Hartman-SNL-Frankenstein growl and swiped my hand at a few of them.  They laugh …  Dawson Daniel tried to pull the glove off last night in Sam’s.  Says he wants one.  I may give it to him!!

I didn’t expect the shoulder pain…  It is the reason I don’t sleep through the night.  Haven’t done that in 8 weeks now.  Thankfully, the folks at Progressive Physical Therapy are addressing all issues and treating the pain!!  I don’t know how bad it would be without them!!

The final analysis is:

  • I AM making progress, and am thankful to God!!
  • I know as we press on, the shoulders are getting better!!
So time is my friend.  And time is on my side!!!

A Special Race & an Exceptional Young Man

26 Apr

Many Florentines remember the story of a tragic accident almost two years ago that claimed the life of Taylor Elmore.  Taylor was days away from starting his senior year at West Florence High School.  Like his mom, dad, and big brother, Taylor was an avid runner.  The following are details from his mom about the annual race in memory of Taylor:

I hope all of you are doing well. Greg and I just got back from Pennsylvania yesterday. We ran in our 9th state for Taylor.

Taylor’s race is on the 21st of May this year. It will be his 19th birthday. This year we are having a 5k/10k and a fun run for children 10 and under with the pirates. We’ll also have food, Mills Brown tshirts, tops for Taylor, face painting, music, and door prizes.

People can register at All of the money raised will be put into Taylor’s non-profit organization to help support The Florence County Track and Cross Country Club, A scholarship for The College of Charleston, and sneakers for runners in need.

Both races will start at 8 am with the Fun Run after. Once again, this event will be held at West Florence High School.

Let me know if you need any more information and thank you for helping to spread the word about the race.

Belinda Elmore

Is that your real hand???

26 Apr

Therapy is moving along … Right shoulder is now one focus, trying to increase flexibility and strength.  And I’m shocked how much I’ve lost!!

Lefty is now moving some, but swelling in the hand continues to be a problem.  Two weeks ago, the doc said he was ordering therapy to supply a compression glove to help with swelling.  The folks at Progressive PT have been great, but needed more detail.  Unfortunately, we’ve learned there is a bottleneck of info at the doc’s office … So the dance began.

Yesterday, since arm swelling has decreased, I needed to have my brace adjusted.  While at Palmetto Prosthetics, we discovered they have gloves, so Diana got on the phone and finished this two week quest … And I have a glove!!!

So, last night I saw my adopted daughter … to protect her identity, let’s call her Pristina Klunkett.  She took one look and asked, “Is that your REAL hand??”

If anyone  asks that today, my answer will be, “No, mine’s in the shop.  This is a loaner!!”

Dad is in the miracle zone

25 Apr

Anyone that knows me well knows I’ve been going to Easley almost every other week since Christmas 2009 when Dad’s health took a significant turn for the worse.  In the past few months I’d noticed Dad on a down-swing, seemingly getting worse every time I called or visited.  And then … the Great Fall of 2011 occurred.  And what has happened with Dad is unexplainable.

I’ve talked to Mom and Dad every day since December 2009.  And that holds true, even through my misfortunate accident.  One thing I’ve noticed has been a real clarity when talking to him.  No decline … no great improvement … just steady.  And steady is good!  I finally got to go to Easley this weekend.  We had a great visit (albeit a short one) and I confirmed with my eyes what I’d been hearing on the phone … Dad is doing okay right now!!

There is one viable explanation for all of this:  It’s a miracle!!  And that, friends, is what it is!

Slowly back to … Normal???

19 Apr

Yesterday I returned to the Y. After almost 7 weeks. It was odd … I couldn’t do the things I used to do (only because of the brace), so I rode the bike and walked slowly on the treadmill. Saw only a couple of people I knew. It was a strange experience. But I am sooooooooooooooooo glad I got to do it!

Things are slowly getting back to normal. I am now doing every morning in the office, and when I get to the place where I can grip the steering wheel with my left hand, will be driving again.

Therapy on lefty is going slow, but we make progress every day.the swelling in my left hand is going down and I can move it more every day. If nothing else, this has taught me huge lessons on how difficult it can be to bounce back from a simple fall …

We are getting there, but slowly! Keep praying!!!

Sounding off about FSD1 & Godly influence

15 Apr

Last night, the Florence School District One board was backed into a corner by an anonymous complainant. The complaint? Superintendent Brooks and Delmae principal Jolley have sent emails with Christian content to their employees, and someone complained. As Robert D. Raiford used to say, ” we have become the United States of the Offended.”

What is really happening here?

I personnally know Dr. Brooks and Mrs. Jolley. The great “sin” committed by both of them was trying to encourage their charges. Both of them are VERY respectful of others and their beliefs. I can promise you this was not intended to offend, only to help. (in some ways, THEIR rights are now violated … Oh … I forgot … Followers of Christ don’t have rights these days)

I also personally know several school board members (one, Wllard Dorriety, is a close friend). I can also assure you they had a most difficult time with this decision. Their charge is to do the right things for our district, and between he, Porter Stewart, and a couple of other sane members of the board, I’ll guarantee this was a hard-reached decision and one none of them were too happy about.

I do not know the anonymous complainant. Did this person contact Mrs. Jolley or Dr. Brooks? Did this person go straight to the Americans United for Separation of Church and State? We’ll never know. And that is probably best.

One thing is for certain: Now, more than ever, Satan is attacking our families, our churches, our communities, our community leaders, and anything or anyone who builds the Kingdom of God with their lives. And that, friends, is EXACTLY what is going on here.

And there will be a day when every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. And, if the AUSCS wants to threaten a suit on that, they’d better do their homework!!!

Good Soil

14 Apr

In the Parable of the Sower, Jesus made it clear that good soil is the one we want to be! Good soil produces a crop which glorifies God! Every Gardner wants to plant only in the best soil … So what does it take for us to BE the good soil God wants?

It’s up to God …AND us! One of the primary roles of the Holy Spirit is convicting us of our sin. I’ve often preached and fully believe we cannot clean ourselves up enough for a relationship with God. God is constantly at work in our lives, pruning and guiding us to do our part in tending the garden of our life!

Yes, we do have a role to play. Confessing our sin and turning AWAY from it! In other words, repentance! Turning and walking away from things in our lives that do not glorify Him or build His kingdom! Throwing that junk out of the garden! Loosening the soil and picking out the weeds and rocks! God will show us what to do … But we need to get on our knees and do it!

Are you willing?

The Thorns

13 Apr

Not much said about the thorns in Matthew 13. At least, in tha parable of the sower. But Jesus was very clear about the meaning of the thorns later in that chapter!

The thorns, that grow up among the seeds and choke them out, are the worries of life and the pursuit of riches. The obsession with worldly things! When worldly things and material needs become more important to us than the things of God, we are in trouble. Big trouble!

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said this another way: You cannot serve two masters! You cannot serve God and earthly wealth! It will never work!

The pursuit of earthly things will choke out the joy, peace, purpose, and focus of the kingdom of God! And, if you choose this, it will bring nothing but heartache!

Doctor’s report

12 Apr

Here goes:

Right arm brace is OFF!

Left arm cast is GONE! It is now in a brace. Therapy starts tomorrow!

Summarizing the doc’s remarks, this was as good as it could be! And it is EXACTLY what we prayed for!

Who says God doesn’t answer prayer!