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Another day in Paradise

30 Mar

Are you thankful?  I mean, TRULY thankful for all God puts into your life??

Here we are with another day before us.  Another opportunity to serve Him.  Another day to live, breathe, and enjoy His creation.  And another day to make a difference!  Some of us have problems??  Maladies??  I hear ya … All of us do on some level …

The real question for all of us is this:  What will YOU make of this day??  Because today is a fresh start.   A new day.

Thank you, God, for another day in paradise!!

Drew’s driving! Oooooooooh nooooooooooo!

29 Mar

Yes, Drew … Our resident Cajun who was one month old when we came to Ebenezer … got his license last week. And it’s surreal.

My dad seems to be enjoying this. He is ready for Drew to drive to Easley (3 hours away) and come to their house right now! Yesterday he had a really lucid moment and said “now you know how we felt.”. I thought that was priceless … And probably true.

It’s funny how this is not quite as hard as it was when Krissy got her license. She was the first and it was quite traumatic. They’re both good drivers … At least when I’m in the car. At this point, all we can do is pray and trust! They’ve got to grow up sometime!

And, I’m glad Dad is getting a kick out of this. He deserves it!


28 Mar

Yesterday meant more to me than most of you will ever know!!! Because NOT being at EBC on Sundays STINKS! I’m thankful the doc loosened my leash a little, and I understand why he has it so tight too!

When we got home yesterday, my left arm had swollen in the cast. The only cure for that is sitting still and resting it on a pillow. So that is what I did. But even that was sooo worth being at EBC!!

The only thing I didn’t like about yesterday was my inability to shake hands. Of course, when you realize it would be with 500 people across both services, it makes sense not to for the next couple of weeks. That will come when the time is right!

One more thing: I was so overwhelmed with it all, I forgot to say a word about how thankful we are for all the prayers, the cards, and the meals!!! And we are!! A little known fact about us is that Diana is the better cook, but I actually cook supper most of the time! With all she has on her plate, this has really helped! And we are grateful!!!

I have decided

26 Mar

Last night I started thinking too much about some things. No point in going into detail, but let’s just say it was a real downer. The icing on the cake was the thought that I will never dribble a basketball again with my left hand.

Ok, some of you think that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever written … And that is really saying something, because I’ve written some real odd things on this blog. But hear me out on this.

My old friends know exactly what this means. Because there was a time when I ate, drank, slept, LIVED basketball. And that would be a depressing thought.

So, I’ve decided not to accept that. Write it down, I WILL dribble a basketball again. It’s now one of my goals!!! No matter how bleak this left elbow situation looks, it will happen! Again, WRITE IT DOWN!


25 Mar

As this week draws to a close, several items pop up on my radar:

Therapy is going well. We started the right arm on Wednesday and there has yet to be anything they’ve asked that I couldn’t do. The only thing I’ve noticed is that I can’t straighten it out to 0 degrees yet. Right now, 30 degrees is the best I can do. But we are working on that!

I got to work a half day yesterday. I cannot drive and the doctor asked that I don’t venture away from campus yet, but it was good to get some stuff done at church. Makes me feel like I might just survive this thing.

I cannot fathom the idea that Duke was knocked out of the big dance last night. Yes, I bleed Tarhel blue, but I thought the Dukies would make it to the final game. Hmmmmph!

If you are an Ebenezerite, I sure hope to see you this Sunday!

A Brief Update

23 Mar

I am speaking into my iPad right now using dragon software trying to update my blog.

The doctor yesterday said that everything looked like it should so far. He did reorder therapy which I start today at 1 PM. Not much else to say about that. I have a recheck in three weeks. Then we might know more about my left elbow.

This has been a very impatient time for me and I know that that I am very impatient, but I believe God is at work and I pray that He will use this for something good!

I hope you’ll have a good day and didn’t mean to be so late in getting this update out!!!

The Little Things

21 Mar

The most frequent remark I hear from those who visit is “you don’t look as bad as I thought you would.” Thanks! (I think.)

Many have commented they thought I would be in two huge casts with posts holding my arms in the air. I’m not quite in that place … at least not today. I have a hard cast on my left arm and a pretty stout brace on the right. Neither is terribly comfortable. Both are helping me heal. But you cannot imagine the little things you cannot do because of them!

Does your face ever itch? Mine does. Especially while I was on pain medicine. But I cannot REACH my face. Ergo, I cannot brush my teeth. Wash my face. Shave. Hold a phone to my ear. Brush my hair. Feed myself. The list goes on and on, but I think you get my direction.

And, that is just ONE area of discussion … The bottom line is, there are little things you are able to do everyday that some cannot do. SOME have never been able and never will … Don’t take life for granted!!

Appreciate the little things! And have a great day!!!!

A little productivity goes a long way

17 Mar

I am very thankful for Ebenezerites … They are some of the best people in the world!! Two of them, Olin Bullock and Jimmy SAMs sprung me from jail today for a secret mission.

We went to the YAB today and got a few things in place for the completion of the great thermostat project of 2011. Just a little work got things ready for the completion of that project.

And, for all who would fuss about me being there:

I was only there with 3 people
I was only there for a little while
All I did was give a wee little bit of direction

And, besides, productivity is good medicine for me!

A Brief Update

16 Mar

There really isn’t much to write herre. Not much has changed in the past few days.

Im bored. Im in jail. Doc said I need to stay home until I go back to see him Tuesday. Swelling is goin down in both arms, and that has been interesting. My right elbow is in a hard brace. Doc ordered therapy to begin last Thursday, and, of course, they haven’t called yet to set it up. You may add impatient to bored and imprisoned.

My left elbow is in a cast. The jury is still out as to what will happen next to it. The doc is not real hopeful. I am, because I am asking the Great Physician to be glorified in it all. He’s got this, in His way and in His timing.

The cartoon on my door

15 Mar

A number of folks have commented about the cartoon on my office door … wondering who put it up. Would I be offended?? Wsas that a joke in poor taste?? I’ve seen it. It is a picture of a pastor in traction and a church member visiting him to keep their counseling appointment. (By the way, something very similar to that actually happened to me while in the hospital but I felt no pain)

Well, I KNOW who put that on my door.

It was ME about 3 months ago!!! Go by and check it out!!!