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It all boils down to this

26 Jun

I was reading a political commentary this weekend that hit the nail on the head!! I would say this is primarily a first-world problem, but it is everywhere. I might ponder this a modern problem, but this is a problem as old as time. We can blame social media, the immediate publication of news (thanks to the World Wide Web), and modern technology, but this issue existed long before any of those were even dreams in the hearts of men and women.

One HUGE problem with our world today is OUR desire to WORSHIP US. That we each have a desire to do our own thing, go our own way, and the state of our world today makes that all too easy. We pick and choose the issues for which we are willing to die and allow equally important issues to fall by the wayside in the name of political affiliation.

Honestly, we in the United States live in a multi-party system. Each of us who are involved try to find the candidates and parties that most align with our value systems and we follow. If we are smart, we realize the candidate is more important than the party (but we will save that for our civics lesson later this year)…

Each party is developed and driven by men and women. Imperfect beings. Many in these parties will claim their party more closely models the life of Christ, which is the ultimate goal of every follower of Christ. But they all fall short. Why else would some fight for the rights of women and yet the rights of unborn women fall away? Why else would some fight for the rights of all unborn in the name of the Image of God and be so comfortable with war and capital punishment? We pick and choose that which makes us feel most comfortable …

We are swept into a worldwide community that values self-worship above all else. We, in the Body of Christ, are called to operate in this world. To tell the Good News!! To be Beacons of Light and Truth!! And this does make our job more difficult. Makes it a God-sized task.

When it comes to politics, the greatest plea I have for everyone who follows Christ is to PRAY.  And PRAY.  And PRAY more!!  No one is perfect!!  No candidate or party is perfect!!  And yet this is our way as Americans.  We will all make mistakes.  Exercise a little grace and pray for each other!!!!

We live in a world that values SELF-WORSHIP. God Almighty said we are to have NO OTHER GODS BEFORE HIM. And there is the rub …

We should BE MORE

26 May

There is a disturbing trend in our world today.  We cannot “get along.”  We have forgotten how to coexist with others who might not agree with us.  Who do not look like us, act like us, etc …  We are spiraling down into a world in which the love of Christ is NOT SEEN even in His church.  We are headed for dangerous times, indeed.

Quickly, we might want to blame social media.  I do think social media has fueled this trend, but ultimately WE ARE RESPONSIBLE.  Social media makes it easier to post our thoughts and feelings onto the world wide web with a degree of anonymity.  We will post things, even about people we know, that we would NEVER say to their faces.  Because if we looked them in the eye and said those things, we would have to deal with the pain we inflict.  Even though social media makes it easier to “express ourselves,” we cannot escape the fact that WORDS CAN HURT.  And YOUR WORDS can make a POSITIVE IMPACT on this world just as they can make a NEGATIVE IMPACT.  The choice is YOURS.

So, YOU are to blame.  (I AM, TOO!) We have spiraled down to this point where we terminate relationships and friendships with those that might not see things the same way we see them politically, religiously, economically, and even down to loyalty to sports teams.  My friends, WE ARE RIDICULOUS.  (And I am keenly aware that I might lose a friend or two in saying these things.)

WE ALL NEED TO WAKE UP AND REALIZE THAT NONE OF US HAVE THE MARKET CORNERED WHEN IT COMES TO LIFE.  All of us have faults.  All of us have made mistakes.  We all have beliefs that have been shaped by life, by circumstance, by influences, and hopefully by God’s word.  Probably NONE OF US have it exactly as God sees it.  No, God is NOT a Republican.  He is NOT a Democrat.  He is  NOT a Northerner, and as much as it pains me to say, He is NOT a Southerner.  He is not a Gamecock, Bulldog, Tide, Paladin, Buckeye, and (gulp) not even a Tiger.

And yet HE finds a way to LOVE US ALL.  He even finds a way to love our enemies.  And He commands us to do the same.

The cure of all of this??? IT IS YOU.  Not waiting on others to act, but YOU LOVE WITH GOD’S KIND OF LOVE.  And if YOU do it, and if I do it, and if the next few people do it, before long we will treat each other with the dignity and respect HE INTENDED for us.  And you won’t unfriend that person who voted for that other person.  Or who pulls for that other team.  Or who drives a Ford or Chevy.

Paul said in 1 Corinthians 13 “When I was a child, I acted like a child.  But now that I am growing up, I’m not doing that anymore.”

Hey WORLD:  Stop acting like children.  GROW UP.  We were all taught better than this.


10 Apr

If I asked God for His wisdom, would I accept it?  If I asked God to show me the things in my life that have become stumbling blocks (both to me and to others), would I have the strength to remove them?  If I asked God to show me the baggage from my past that prevents me from being everything He has called me to be, would I trust Him enough to put that baggage out of my life?

As we enter this Holy Week, we pause and think about all that the Crucifixion and the Resurrection means to US as followers of Christ.  As we come face to face with all of this, we must grapple with the above questions.  When we see more clearly Who He is, we realize more clearly who we are.

IF ….

The Great Flood of 2015

5 Oct

October 4, 2015.  Another day that will live in infamy for the great state of South Carolina.  This was the day the Great Flood of 2015 hit us so hard, especially Columbia, Sumter, Charleston, the Grand Strand and many areas in the center of our state.  Florence didn’t escape unscathed:  I have many friends in and around our city who had flooding in houses and buildings.  As the storm slowly moves away from us, the task ahead to rebuild is daunting.  But we’ve been here before.  And sadly will probably be here again.

Yesterday, this storm wasn’t so impressive.  After living in New Orleans for three years, I had honestly seen worse flooding.  Hey, I have walked to class in worse.  But New Orleans is a different beast …  A city, built below sea level, with infrastructure to pump out massive amounts of water.  And believe me, New Orleans HAS to have that capability or it would be underwater after about two normal weeks in the summer.

Not so for cities in the center of our state.  Cities well above sea level.  Cities that haven’t seen flooding like this in 1,000 years (and I wonder who was here 1,000 years ago to record such, but that is another story for another day).  But again, soon the sun will shine, the winds will blow, and it will be time to disembark from this ark and rebuild.

And my thoughts are drawn to THE CHURCH.  To MY CHURCH.  To YOUR CHURCH.  Because, as sad and devastating as this event is, we now have an opportunity to impact the world around us.  And, Ebenezer, we won’t have to go far at all to find folks who need our help.  In fact, I have already been blessed to see Facebook posts from men and women in our church offering to help whomever has need.  THAT IS THE CHURCH BEING THE CHURCH.  God is happy about that!!  I am, too!!

I am praying for my state.  And I am praying for OUR CHURCH, the BODY OF CHRIST, that we will unite and seize this opportunity to make a difference in our world.  Join me???

An Imperfect Vessel

17 Aug

Yesterday I delivered the second sermon (in a series of six) based on the Membership Covenant of Ebenezer Baptist Church.  You might say this is a “back to the basics” approach … What it means to be a member of Ebenezer (and basically ANY church) meets “Our world needs us to be THE CHURCH now more than ever.”  Yesterday’s entry was about giving ourselves up for God.  Allowing all that we are and all that we own to be disposed of by God in whatever manner He chooses.

Now, a confession:  I am NOT PERFECT.  I know … I know … SO many of you are disappointed to learn this now.  I mean, after all, if THE PASTOR isn’t perfect, WHO IN THE WORLD CAN BE???  (In all seriousness, there was only ONE perfect Man that ever lived.  And we crucified Him.)

I struggle.  Sometimes these sermons are mostly for me.  If the above news really does bother you, I am truly sorry.  But facts are facts.  Just like you, I am an imperfect vessel.  The difference between us and the world is this:  Jesus Christ can take our imperfections and use them in MIGHTY WAYS.  He can overcome our imperfections and prepares us to carry a PERFECT MESSAGE to a lost and hurting world.  We are imperfect … He is STILL PERFECT.  Always has been and always will be.  And He wants to use YOU and ME.

And when I think of these goals, these ideals He sets for me, I KNOW He can help me reach them.  If I will only rely on Him and trust Him totally.  And when I fail, I dust myself off and get back on the horse.  How about you??

I hope you have a great week.  And I hope you have many opportunities to serve His kingdom this week!!!

So, how is that pride-thing working for you?

14 Aug


I was talking this week with some friends and this truth came to light:  MANY, MANY of the problems we face in life can be traced back to PRIDE.  Our pride.  The pride of others.  PRIDE is often a culprit and major player in the problems of our world in the year 2015.

So …  How are you doing with PRIDE?

We try to justify pride.  Too many of us think we are the only one in the world with the answers.  I have caught myself thinking IF ONLY I COULD TAKE CONTROL … I COULD FIX ALL OF THIS.  When we foster that idea in our hearts, PRIDE stops us from listening to the opinions and viewpoints of others.  No matter how brilliant we might think ourselves to be, a different perspective will ALWAYS shed more light on a subject.

So … Now for the mind-blower.  I believe GOD is ONE GOD.  He is very real and He is not bound by time, space, dimension, or any other construct we can imagine.  He knows all of the thoughts and hearts of men and women.  He knows the very number of hairs on your head RIGHT NOW.  WHY NOT LISTEN TO HIM???


I am not perfect … But I find that, the more I pursue His will for my life, the more my own pride has to take a back seat to Him AND to others.  My pride causes so many problems that it definitely needs to DECREASE as His presence INCREASES in my heart and life.  Others don’t need to see ME … They need to see HIM.

So … how are you doing with this?

Written on our Doorposts

10 Aug

The Shema … HEAR O ISRAEL, THE LORD OUR GOD IS ONE GOD!!!  Those words from Deuteronomy 6 taught the Children of Israel a truth about God that is irrefutable.  God is ONE.  God is GOD ALONE.  And our best response to that is to LOVE GOD WITH ALL OF OUR HEART, SOUL, MIND, BODY, STRENGTH.  With everything that we are, we should LOVE the Lord.

That idea is bantered about on many Sundays across our world as people gather to worship OUR GOD.  The One True God.  And we do Him a mis-service when we leave out the rest of that passage.  Deuteronomy reminds us that we should keep these words UPON OUR HEARTS.  We should think about these things all of the time.  Because God knows and nature has proved that whatever is on our hearts will be coming out in our lives.

We are called to impress these truths on our children.  NOT to force them into faith … Faith and belief must come from their hearts.  BUT we have a responsibility to teach them the truths about God that we have seen in our own lives.  If God means anything to you … If He has done ANYTHING in your life, you really should tell your children.  TELL THE WORLD!!!  They both need to know that God is real and He is active in the lives of His people.

We are told to tie these truths on our hands and foreheads.  Many devout Jews achieve this with the use of a device known as a phylactery … A small leather box containing scripture written on small pieces of paper.  If that works for you, DO IT.  I also like the thought that everything we do with our hands, and everything we do with our heads (with our minds) should be scriptural.  We should be LIVING by the Word of God.  If you do this, your children and those around you will know it.  You don’t have to be showy about it … The cream will always rise to the top.  They will see it if it is true of your life.

Write them on your doorposts and on your gates.  Build your homes on the foundation of the Word of God.  If you do this, God will walk every step of this life with you.  There are times when life will be tough and there are times when life will be a great celebration.  God will be with you in BOTH!!

He is always there.  He always cares.  Do you give Him His rightful place in your life?