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Trip to Greenville

31 Jan

When Drew got out of school on Friday, we made a quick trip to the Upstate. REAL QUICK. To check on Dad and to check on Krissy.

Krissy was doing fine. Her roommate moved out last week, but honestly, she is not losing any sleep over it.
Dad is getting better every day. Physically he is improving day by day. Getting stronger, moving towards the goal of going back home (he is in a rehab hospital in Greer right now). Mentally, Dad is still recovering. I think the subdural hematomas caused more damage than we initially realized. He is gaining strength and able to do more and more every day. So for that, we are thankful!
One of my biggest concerns now is Mom. I see the fatigue in her eyes. I’ve talked to her much about taking care of herself, and I think she is listening … to an extent. This has been a rough row to hoe for all of us, but it has really taken a lot out of her. And I pray for her!

A Word on Dad and other things …

28 Jan

Dad had his first full day of therapy yesterday. Mom said he really impressed them! He walked about 50 feet and they asked him if he was ready to turn around. He said NO! Two more times he walked and they asked if he was ready to turn about. He turned at the third … The therapist said all in all, Dad very much exceeded their expectations for the day and their goal for the day.

I know the truth … He has figured out what he has to do to go home. As long as everything goes well, watch him go home in a couple of weeks!!
On another thought line, I hope you Ebenezerites are praying for your staff. No, we are not perfect, but there are some folks on our staff that pour their entire hearts into two things: Following GOD with all our hearts and trying our best to do the right things for the ministries we serve. And doing the right thing is not always the easiest thing. Don’t forget to pray for us today!!

What do YOU bring to the table?

27 Jan

As I sit here, reflecting for a moment on a week that is flying by, I am drawn to recent events of which I cannot detail. People are so fickle. Sometimes its funny and sometimes its just sad. For some, the church is a great place of rejuvenation, joy, fellowship, and a place where God is found everytime the doors open. And for others, the same church can be a source of heartache, trouble, discord, and unhappiness. And all of that is determined by WHAT YOU BRING TO THE TABLE OF THE LORD!

When you come into this place, do you bring your best or do you bring your junk?? Some could misunderstand that statement to question how we dress ourselves up on the outside. But that is not what I ask today. Do you bring your best HEART to God?? Are you growing on the inside? Does being a part of a body of believers make you want to bring your best?

Or, are you finding the WORST? Churches are notorious places for the passive-aggressive to succeed in fulfilling their agendas. One of the ways this is done is finding the worst in a fellowship and exploiting it. If you examine Ebenezer under a microscope, you will find flaws in both the buildings and the people. No joke. And you will find the same in EVERY CHURCH you examine. Do you realize why?? Because churches are made up of IMPERFECT PEOPLE, of which you and I are two!! 🙂

So … If you are not finding the fulfillment you think God intended for the church to bring … no matter which local church YOU are part of … ask yourself this question:

What am I bringing to this?? Am I bringing my best??

If you are honest about that, you will be amazed at what God will do!

Things move fast around here

27 Jan

Got a call from Mom yesterday. She said they were moving Dad TODAY (meaning yesterday). Once the ball starting rolling, it rolled quickly. By the end of the afternoon, Dad had been transported from GHS to the Cottages in Greer (I am unsure of the actual name).

It is a fully-functioning rehab facility. I called and talked to him after they got moved over and settled in. I really do think he has the drive to get this rehab going and get home soon!! That is what we are praying for!!
On another note, Dad had an unusual bruise come up right under the place where they put his pacemaker. It is a perfectly-shaped heart! Mom said nurses from all over the floor were coming to take a look at it.

A change of plans, but good news nonetheless

26 Jan

Got some good news on Dad. Not what I expected yesterday, but good news. First of all, Dad’s procedure to implant the pacemaker went off without a hitch. YES, they put it in without knocking him out. I can’t imagine that. He was on bedrest yesterday and was NOT HAPPY about it.

Yesterday afternoon we got news on the rehab hospital. Apparently Dad is not a candidate for Roger C Peace. He needs a little more time than they can give him. Therefore they want to move him to the Cottages in Greer (still part of the GHS system and they can give him extended time). My aunt Frankie was just there to rehab a joint replacement and she did well. And she really liked it. That kind of reference is gold to Mom.
So it looks like Dad will be moving in the next couple of days. Of course, he wants to GO HOME!!! This is the first step towards home and I am praying he really understands that.

An overdue update on Dad

25 Jan

Today, Dad will have a pacemaker put in. The doctors say it is merely preventative. A simple procedure, one for which they won’t even put him to sleep (or so they say. I wonder how simple any procedure can be that involves the human heart!!)

Dad is on track to possibly now go to Roger C Peace for rehab. He has done very well in PT so far and the RCP folks now think he CAN do acute rehab and be home soon!! He is doing very well!!!
Just praying today for his procedure and that he will get back on track soon with rehab!!!

Dad on the upswing

22 Jan

Things seem to really be progressing in Greenville. Dad has had several good days. PT is going REALLY WELL. Walking more and more each day. Mom said he had three PT sessions yesterday and they really worked him over. And he seems to be up to the task!!

Okay, now the RCP folks are re-evaluating and thinking maybe he COULD do acute therapy. And everyone in the family is praying that the right decisions are made. And that Dad will keep it up!! Will post more when I know more.


21 Jan

I don’t know how to gauge it, but there IS progress:

Dad IS walking. Yesterday he walked down the hall. Had to take a little rest before he walked back, but he DID walk!
Yesterday Dad took his SECOND shower in two days. Makes him feel much better!!
There are other developments that show progress, too!!
But we have big decisions to make: They seem to be pushing us away from acute rehab into something a little more long term. We are looking into the qualified rehab hospitals in the area.
Just lots to do. But I am glad we are having to do them! And glad he is a candidate for rehab and eventually going home!

Big decisions ahead

20 Jan

Dad IS making progress. As slow as it might be. HOWEVER … It seems the chances of his going to Roger C Peace for rehab are shrinking day by day. RCP is an acute care facility. Their purpose is to rehab and discharge within two to three weeks. Those evaluating him wonder if he will be able to rehab that quickly because of his mental acuity (as a result of brain surgery).

When you think about it, Dad has been on his back for almost a month. For almost three weeks, he ate very little. There is even muscle loss in his hands, let alone his legs and feet. It is really heartbreaking to see.
On a positive note, Dad STOOD for the first time yesterday (with the aide of a walker). He got to go into the shower and sit in a shower chair and have his first shower in almost a month. It made him feel great!!
Our task is now to make the best decision for rehab for Dad. Pray for us, especially Mom, as its gonna be tough!!

Today’s funny from Mikey

19 Jan

By Jim Gum

Every month we get a Human Resources report on terminations. When they are asked to put a reason why they were terminated, the reasons vary from resigned, got a better job, getting married, moving, sexual misconduct, etc. What I’ve found is that there isn’t a standard list. So, I decided to come up with one based on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

In order to standardize our Human Resources forms we now use just 7 reasons for termination:

~ Happy: Had trouble putting nose to the grindstone. Too much time spent telling jokes at the water cooler.
~ Doc: Left to pursue further schooling, in particular, Ph.D. work.
~ Sleepy: Chronically late for work. Caused many project delays.
~ Grumpy: Poor attitude toward work. Not a team player. Trouble with early mornings.
~ Dopey: Made several critical errors at work costing the company money, e.g., misappropriated company funds.
~ Sneezy: Recurrent, chronic illness has made it difficult for the employee to complete work in a timely fashion.
~ Bashful: Lack of initiative. Not willing to make cold calls. Too often let workplace disagreements simmer.

~ Jealous Queen: Heavy involvement in the occult not congruent with organizational policies.
~ Snow White: Sexual misconduct, e.g., kissing strange men while under some kind of trance.
~ Huntsman: Couldn’t stand to be cooped up in the office all day. Pursuing work with the National Forest Service.

Copyright 2000 Jim Gum. Permission is granted to send this to others, but not for commercial purposes.