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We have a problem ….

30 Jan

Life can be a whirlwind.  At times.  Issues that we face in our world just spin around our heads, seemingly out of control, and we do not know what to do.  We should be careful what we say at times like these and our next move can be the most difficult.  We need help!!

I still believe in our nation.  Even still, with all of the problems we face, we live in the greatest nation in the world.  I truly believe that, no matter who won the election, we would be in the very spot we are in right now.  For years there has been a loss of civility in non-personal venues such as Facebook.  That loss of civility is now rearing it’s head in real life.  And we have a problem.

I still believe in the church.  Not only the “BIG C CHURCH” (the Body of Christ), but I also believe in the local church.  As a pastor, I see all of the great things going on in the local church.  And I see many of the problems.  The great things are very encouraging.  The problems will drag you down into the depths of the sea.  It seems more and more people love the programs and the environment of the church, and less and less are willing to do their part to support it.  Less and less people are willing to serve.  Less and less people are willing to give of their time and their money.  And we have a problem.

Honestly, both of these problems are the same (at least within the confines of the Family of God.  Within the ranks of those who claim Christ as Savior).  The problem is NOT a motivation problem.  It is not that we have not been taught the proper way to act or the proper things to do.  Not, not at all.

The problem is this:  WE ARE UNWILLING TO FOLLOW CHRIST.  I think there are many in our world today who want to claim the name of Christ and all of the benefits (as they must see them) that come along with His name:  They will go to Heaven.  They can be part of a community that has benefits for survival.  I will never forget something that happened decades ago as I served on a church staff.  A member wanted to reserve a facility.  I went with them to the central calendar and the facility was available, therefore we reserved the room.  The day of her big event, another church member showed up and claimed she had reserved the facility for a different event.  As I showed her the calendar, she became very angry and invoked the “I AM A MEMBER OF THIS CHURCH AND I GIVE MONEY!”  (So was I.  And so was the other person who reserved the facility.)  It was as if she deserved something special … Something more, because of who she was.  It was one of the first times I realized there are those who attend church to be served INSTEAD of to serve.

If we really followed Christ … If we really took Him seriously, there would be mercy and grace.  Even when those around us don’t seem to deserve it.  There would be no deficit of workers in a local church, because everyone who is part of that family would be climbing over each other to serve each other.  There would be no budget problems in a local church, because we would trust God enough to worship Him with everything in our lives, including our finances.

I pray for the day that my church will be more obedient.  I hope you pray the same for your church today.