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One Testimony

9 Mar

There is absolutely nothing spectacular about my story.  Or, maybe there is?  I am a child of the King.  I believe with all of my heart that our individual stories might make an impact on another.  THAT is why we should be ready to share them when the time is right.  But there is nothing extraordinary about David Wike in these words at all.

I grew up in a home with a mom and dad who were both active in my life.  Both of them feared God and knew the value of a relationship with Him.  They made sure I was in church every time the doors were open.  And they talked about their faith in different ways.  Mom was much more vocal about the power of God in her life and in our lives.  Dad was more steady, but really didn’t talk about his faith much.  But there was no doubt that God was in charge.

As a high schooler and into college, I was a typical kid of the ’80s.  I did things that are definitely not worthy of pride (or mentioning here).  Acts of rebellion.  The same things most other guys my age were doing.  When I look back and think about those days, I realize there were several times when I was one left-turn away from falling into life-changing trouble.  Honestly, I have no idea why I am where I am today (except for the GRACE of GOD).  And the most striking thing about those times is the fact that I found NO ANSWER to life.  NO PEACE.  NO TRUE SATISFACTION.  Whatever the world was selling as happiness was NOT at the end of the path on which I walked.  It was empty.  Lonely.  And I didn’t have clue.  But, I met this girl …

She let me know pretty quickly that she wasn’t all about those answers the world was selling.  I worked to clean things up as best I could, because I knew there was something special about this girl!  (32 years later, I still believe there is something really special about her)

She had answers.  She had a peace.  I had to know more.  And, to make a really long story a little shorter, I realized one day that Jesus Christ was the answer!!! BUT WAIT:  I KNEW THAT ALREADY!!  Or so I thought.  I knew the answers.  I could play Biblical Trivia Pursuit and put the smartest people in the dust.  And it was then I learned there was a HUGE difference between HEAD knowledge and HEART knowledge.

My testimony is this:  KNOWING FACTS ABOUT JESUS REALLY IS NOT ENOUGH.  Everything clicked into place with a whole new meaning when I really MET Him for the first time.  When I really started pursuing that relationship that He was BEGGING me enter into for years.

And the best part???  I realized my efforts to clean myself up were meaningless.  And I didn’t need to do that.  Because He started reshaping me … Reforming me into what HE wanted me to be!  And I am a work in progress!!

Do I make mistakes??  Of course I do.  And He promised that if I will confess my sins He will forgive them.  Then He gives me the desire to WALK AWAY from them.  He gives me strength to do exactly what He wants me to do.  And He is so patient with me … Far better than I deserve.

There is NOTHING spectacular about David Wike in this story.  But Jesus Christ, HE IS THE STAR of this one!!  HE IS SPECTACULAR, even in spite of my shortcomings and failures.

And He can do the same for you …..