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Gettin old

31 Aug

Yes, I am feeling it. Gettin old. Pulled something in my back while at the beach with my family, carrying a basket up the stairs for my mom. (I don’t see how on earth she got it into her car). Moved my firstborn to college, three hours away. Turned 43. Many issues involved with all of that.

Krissy seems to be doing fine, but she does have her moments. And we lose a little sleep. Drew is having a good year, so far, at West Florence. The rollercoaster of the new school year has started at Ebenezer. Again, so far, so good.

The school years come faster and faster every year. I walk through the halls at the Ebenezer Kindergarten/Daycare and the kids seem to get smaller and smaller, younger and younger. And I just get older.

BUT … Gettin old is much better than the alternative!!! 🙂


25 Aug

I cannot say enough about the Youth Revival, that is really for ALL AGES, happening through Thursday night at EBC. The Michael John Clement Band is doing the music, and did an AWESOME JOB last night. Nationally known youth speaker Joe Shelton brought a powerful message and will continue to do the same throughout the week. We’ve started in the Family Life Center, but hope to be in the new Youth Assembly Building by Wednesday night.

Come on out!! If you are a youth worker at another church, bring some youth!! God is being lifted up in a mighty way and the more the merrier!! (Unlike some other churches, I PROMISE we won’t try to steal your kids!!!!!!!!)

Getting back into the habit

24 Aug

Life has been crazy these past few weeks. I haven’t had the time to blog as usual. Things are now settling down and I hope to rectify that.

Krissy’s first week seems to have gone well for the most part. Classes are going okay. She has some good friends from WF up there, so that is a good thing. Pray for her … there are tough things about being 3 hours away from home. But she is making it.

We are doing okay, too. Yeah, we miss having her around. But WF is a daily adventure for Drew, and so far, so good. And as the routine settles down, I should be blogging more and more.

Wholesale Tackle Outlet

19 Aug

The Wholesale Tackle Outlet in Florence is a MUST for any fisherman. It’s no Bass Pro Shop, but it does have great deals on rods, reels, tackle, and other fishin stuff. But the reason I blog about it today it what happened yesterday.

Last week I was able to use my Father’s Day gift for the first time … A Zebco 733 reel. I love that reel. I fished with it for four days, and then the college freshman got hold of it. Next thing I know, the reel was jammed open and seemed to be worthy of nothing but the trash can. Another reel I bought Drew on the last day of school was broken.

I went there hoping he could help me or tell me how to get send them off for repair. The salt water reel was just busted, but he did have a replacement spool that fit it. He gave that to me. He then showed me the 30 yards of fishing line caught under the spool cover on the 733 and showed me how to clear it next time. No charge.

In the days of looking for the best deals, I shop at the WTO because HE DOES have the best deals. But when he adds that kind of service to it, you gotta go back. And I will.

So, where has David been for the last ten days??

17 Aug

In the last ten days, several significant things have happened in the Wike household. You want the list??

1. In the past 15 days I’ve put over 1700 miles on Diana’s car …
2. Went to Sunset Beach for a couple of days with Diana’s family.
3. Took my fam down to Isle of Palms from there to meet up with my parents, my sister Elaine and her husband, Karl, my sister Donna and her daughter Jill and Jill’s boyfriend, Joe.
4. Went out on the beach a couple of times.
5. Fished several times with Drew. (He fished for BOTH WEEKS. DREW caught a 15 inch flounder that we ate … YUM!! Caught a similar sized sheepshead fish that was equally as good. Caught a bunch of shrimp, a couple of rays, a couple of sharks, and a ton of spots and croakers. I caught a bunch of croakers and several spots.)
6. Drove a golf cart all over the Isle.
7. Went to Wal-Mart about a million times.
8. Went to downtown Charleston, of course to make the obligatory trip to the Market and to King Street. Did NOT see Erica there, but saw a million shops. Shopped them all.
9. Had a great time with my folks.
10. For the first time EVER, missed two Sundays in a row at EBC.
11. Left late Friday to come home, dump suitcases, repack for Clemson.
12. Left Saturday morning at 7:30 for Clemson.
13. Got to Clemson at 11:00. Krissy found Tyler Yaken, who provided 10 strong backs from FCA to carry her stuff up. Joel and Allyson were there to help, but the FCAers had already carried it all off.
14. Drove to Easley for the second load of stuff we’d already stored at Mom & Dad’s house.
15. Came back to unload again. Another couple of helpers grabbed the stuff.
16. Found a parking place and FINALLY walked to the dorm. At this point, I have carried NOTHING upstairs.
17. Helped unpack stuff.
18. FINALLY got lunch at 3:00pm at Fuddrucker’s in Anderson.
19. Had to run BACK to Clemson because Krissy forgot her keys.
20. Went back to Anderson to go to Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Ross, Wal-Mart, Sams, and Target.
21. BACK to the dorm to unpack that stuff. This time, I got to carry a case of bottled water about a half-mile and then up the stairs.
22. Went to Fatz to meet the Whites and Jesse’s roommate.
23. Back to Easley with Diana and Kristina!!!
24. Back to Clemson on Sunday morning to go to church with Krissy, Jesse, and the Whites. Went to DCF with Stuart and Shannon (Busha) Hayes. It was a great morning of worship!
25. Drove Krissy back to dorm. As we arrived, she told us she didn’t have time for a long goodbye. I reached back, grabbed her hand, told her I love her and I am proud of her. DID NOT CRY!!!
26. Cannot say the same for my lovely bride.
27. Watched her walk back to her dorm. Okay, as I write this my eyes are getting moist. (Moist … A word, used for Jessica Brown)
28. Went to Easley to meet my folks for lunch.
29. Back to their house to pack the car.
30. Drove back to Florence and then STARTED getting Drew ready for his first day at West Florence.

So, what have YOU been up to???

Blogging about another blog

5 Aug

If you want to know why I probably won’t be spending any more of my money in Starbucks, read this blog by my pal, Ty Suggs:

Life IS precious … Believe it.

3 Aug

This weekend our community was touched once again by tragic death. Several families at EBC have older relatives who either died or are near death. A tragic accident on Saturday claimed the life of a rising senior at West Florence AND placed a rising junior in critical condition at MUSC. Then a boating accident on Sunday places a young girl in serious condition. The list could go on and on.

All of this MUST remind us, the church, that our mission is URGENT. Just this sampling around us shows me that life is precious and we have a job to do. And we had better get busy. It is no accident that God put that sermon on my heart yesterday … He knew what we would face this weekend.

Just goes to show you … He know what we will face everyday. He knows what is best for us. God will lead us in the right direction, if we will only follow!