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How does this weight loss thing work??

28 Oct
Had an old friend ask me how I have done this.  I wrote all of this in a message to him on Facebook, and then I thought why not write about it on my blog (again)?  So if you are tired of hearing me wax philosophical on this topic, feel free to stop reading!!
I got to this place where I was sick of being so big.  Probably one of the first steps was I had to be ready for a change.  I was.  So on the advice of a friend, I downloaded an app for my iPhone called MyFitnessPal. If you don’t have a smartphone, their website is It is FREE. You set up a profile, tell it how much you weigh and set a goal weight and it tells you how many calories you should eat in a day to get there over a healthy period of time.
You then need to log what you eat and be honest about it. I found that tracking what I eat helped show me how unhealthy I was eating. Believe this: Exercise helps tone muscle, but I have lost this weight in how I eat!!
I also had a trainer challenge me to eat a big breakfast, smaller lunch and dinner. I’ve never been a big breakfast eater but he dared me to do it for one month. So I started eating a two egg omelette with sausage and cheese and a bowl of Cheerios with two cups of coffee every day. That first month I lost 20 pounds
No crazy fad diets. No surgery. Just changing the way I eat and stepping up exercise as much as I can.
Let me know if I can help you!!!!

A Life worth Living

20 Oct

Here I sit, doing the Monday morning “preacher thing.” Thinking about all of the things I should’ve said yesterday. Yesterday was a great day of worship at Ebenezer, but that preacher thing always involves evaluating the previous day and thinking ahead to the next Sunday. Fact of life for every pastor: The next Sunday is ALWAYS around the corner.

This morning, there is one thought that invades my heart and mind and I cannot shake it … The question “do my Ebenezerites take it seriously?” What does living for Christ really mean to us on Monday morning? In a Southern Baptist church, we will ALL agree to it’s importance on Sunday morning sitting in corporate worship. But the truth is this: The water hits the wheel on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday … (You get it).

One day, we will all stand before God and He will weigh our lives. Will He find that I lived a life worth living? Will He look at my life and say “Wow, Dave … You really didn’t get it, did you?” I hope for the first answer. But I know He will have to look at all of my life … He will look at how I honored Him when no one else was looking. He will look at how I honored Him with every facet of my life: My time, my thoughts, my finances, my charity, my actions, my feelings …

Not that I am trying to set any of us up to an impossible standard. The question I ask myself every day is this: Are you trying to live for Him today? Subsequent to that question: Are you asking Him for help today (or trying to do this on your own)???

The life worth living is a life that honors Him. And the only way any of us will get there is with His help. And the great news for a Monday morning is that He WILL HELP US IF WE ASK!!!