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Santa Claus is comin to town

17 Dec

Can YOU believe that Christmas is 8 days away??? Can YOU believe 2007 is almost over!

I have blogged this before, and I will again: The older I get, the faster time flies. They say time flies when you are having fun . . . WHEN IS IT GOING TO GET FUN AROUND HERE??

Why do adults act like such children?

14 Dec

Last night our basketball league kicked off. And, we also had our first “incident.” A kid from a church that, honestly, has LOTS of these problems, got in trouble. One of the staff members from this church decided to charge the floor WHILE the game was still going and take on Andrew Parker, one of the folks helping to run the league. Big mistake. I will be calling her boss today.

Why do adults act like this?? KIDS ACT OUT LIKE THIS BECAUSE OF THE EXAMPLES THEY SEE. I don’t care how bad you think the refs are, you cannot yell at them if you are a player or a coach. AND CERTAINLY IF YOU ARE IN THE STANDS, YOU CANNOT CHARGE THE FLOOR. Those are the kinds of things that get you thrown out of the gym.

Remember, adults, we are setting the tone for how our children behave . . .

An Expensive Lesson

13 Dec

Since I have been chastised recently for blogging about my family, I will use no names. Lets just say that one of my family members got a ticket a while back. Florence City Police, at it again with their little laser toy, got her. Everyone told us to go in and plead “Wreckless Operation,” a recent plea one can enter that will alledgedly NOT affect your insurance but will charge you a higher fine. Okay, on the advise of several, that is what we did.

THAT IS NOT TRUE!!! Our insurance went up anyway, and upon talking to my insurance folks, there was really NO INSURANCE BENEFIT in pleading that way! ALL IT DID WAS COST US MORE MONEY!

Sure, somebody is laughing all the way to the bank . . . But it is NOT the Wike family!

How quick can life change?

12 Dec

As quickly as a slip and fall . . . Krissy and I were pitching on Monday and she slipped. That doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. Not that big of a deal, right?? I heard her clete slip, but what I saw next was scary . . . She went straight down, left knee first, onto the infield. Immediately she rolled into a ball and felt great pain. And, to make a long story short, she is now on crutches and in physical therapy with a hyperextesion and a dislocation of the top of her kneecap.

And, she went to weight training yesterday . . . And she wants to go skiing . . . And she thinks she might be able to pitch next week. And she wants to get off the crutches asap . . . THEY HURT!

She is 17 and still believes she is invincible. I wish she were . . . But, I am an old man that had several injuries playing sports. I know she has to do what the doctor says and get well first. Funny how history repeats itself (and high school athletes are hard-headed).

Sermon from Sunday

11 Dec

Insignificance: The Story of Bethlehem

Why do I do it???

11 Dec

I found myself asking the question I ask every December . . . When I find myself at the gym, late on a weeknight, with a whistle in my mouth and little people running all around me. After the great Referee Fiasco of last season, I promised myself I would not do this again. And yet, I find myself trying to teach a simple offense to a bunch of 12 year old boys who have too much Guitar Hero and AIM running around in their heads to get it.

I remember the first team I ever coached . . . Intramurals in 1983. I had a junior high team that won it all. I did it because it got me out of class to go and have practices with them. I did it because all of the other guys on my varsity team were doing it. In the end, I loved it and we WON.

Through the years, I coached the jv team at my old school three times. The first two seasons were good . . . The third not so good, but I had fun. Ever since I have been at Ebenezer, I have coached basketball. Not the best coach out there, but no one loves it more.

I guess that is why I do it. I DO know more about basketball than most any of those Maple Park guys know about baseball. If I could practice them five days a week, we would be a killing machine. But I have to settle for once a week, and a whole lot of fun.

That is not so bad. That is why I do it.

Does God have a sense of humor??

11 Dec

Absolutely . . . Let me count the ways: Well, there are things that have happened this week that I won’t share right now. But, GOD has a great sense of humor and when we worry about things He just chuckles and continues to be in control. You will see what I mean. I promise.

Anyway, God is awesome and we cannot forget to TRUST HIM!!! Don’t worry, just TRUST!

Krissy and Drew in a snowglobe

8 Dec

Freon in my blood

8 Dec

Do you know what Freon is?? It is the DuPont brand-name for the refrigerant gas that makes your air conditioner cold in the summer and makes your heat pump hot in the winter. Why do I have it in my blood, you ask??? Because I grew up working on air conditioners with my dad.

Dad retired a couple of years ago, but for over 45 years he was a commerical HVAC mechanic. Working with a nationally-known company out of Greenville, he has flown and driven all over doing this kind of work. As a kid, I remember several flights of his to the naval base at GTMO, Cuba.

Yesterday, he was at the beach replacing an outdoor unit for my cousin. I went down there for the day to be his “muscle.” It is kind of neat how that stuff comes back to you. And what I really enjoyed was the time with my dad. These last few years, and the medical problems, have taken a toll on my dad. HOWEVER, he hasn’t lost his touch when it comes to HVAC. And I am glad to see that.

Stessful, stressful, we can’t stand it . . .

7 Dec

WHY is Christmas so stressful?? Why is traffic in Florence get worse every day in December? Why does this holiday, which is all about peace on earth and goodwill to men, bring out the worst in us when we are at the big sale??

All I can come up with is this: Would Satan steal your peace and joy? ABSOLUTELY. Would he try to convince us that this holiday is all about us as opposed to being all about Jesus Christ? You bet. One of my personal triggers is traffic. Traffic in Florence is getting worse and worse, earlier and earlier every day in December. How much worse can it get?

In days like these, we need to pause and remember the true meaning of Christmas: It is tied directly to Easter AND to Creation itself. God made a way to restore our broken relationship with Him. That Way, of course, is Jesus Christ.