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Five things I learned in Bay St Louis

21 Apr

5. Thorne Boatwright knows just as many movie quotes as I do.

4. Logan Benthall is a TOUGH little dude.

3. Christy Hall is the way she is WITHOUT caffeine.

2. If you listen closely enough, you could get a “quote of the day” from Lee White EVERY DAY.

1. Zac Jones could pull the MOON closer to the Earth with his Yota.

The Final Analysis

19 Apr

Dwayne and I got back to Florence last night around 7:30. The kids are now on the road, but there is no telling what time they will get back . . . Will depend on how many “rest stops” they have to take.

As I wrote before, we made a difference. A big one. We helped chisel the list down a little more. The disaster relief office will pull out in October, after THREE years of operation. They are winding down projects and bringing things to a close. But the needs will go on! Pray for the people of the gulf coast . . . Things are FAR from normal.

First Baptist Church, Bay St Louis, now has a concrete foundation for their new sanctuary. That is all they have, but the work is slowly moving. They still do not know if they will be able to use volunteers in the construction of the new building (liability issues). Pray for Rev Al Green and the people of FBC.

The Southern Baptist disaster relief folks were telling me they hate to pull out, but they have to begin preparations for the next disaster. Apparently we are due for a big hit this year. Pray for us, that God WILL be our refuge and strength, and that WE will answer the call everytime we get it.

Thursday recap

17 Apr

Work is winding down and we are getting ready to pack up. Dwayne and I will return to SC tomorrow, and the kids will travel to Brandon, MS, to Justin’s home church for a day of fun tomorrow before heading home on Saturday. All in all, a great reward for a hard week.

Did we make a difference?? A several groups worked on the same project all week and saw great rewards. A couple jumped from small project to small project. The bottom line is we got the call, and we answered it. And got the jobs done. And it was great.

And, the Kingdom of God was built this week. I wonder what others did on their spring breaks???

Wednesday Recap

16 Apr

Well, here it is: We have worked on numerous projects and our kids are doing great!!! So, I thought I would put a few pix up tonight to keep things fun:

Anita and Christy’s crew working on Ms Pat’s house. That is David in the middle . . . He is a volunteer contractor from Wyoming. Neat guy!!

A stump, pulled courtesy of Dwayne’s team. Rumor has it that Dwayne’s Dodge truck could NOT pull it, so Jimmy Cox jumped down there and “rassled” it out of the ground.

Tuesday Recap

15 Apr

Have we made a difference?? Already I could write story after story . . . A church that is benefitting from much work from our team . . . A home where our guys have removed stumps and moved the earth to get a couple of impossible doors in. A home where we hung small shelf units, fixed a couple of doors, and heard a hundred stories (I think the listening was the REAL ministry there). A house being rebuilt, mudded, sanded and primed for paint; another house being prepared the same way.

AND IT IS ONLY TUESDAY!!! Keep praying for us. Everyone is doing fine and still full of energy, but the devil will try . . .

Pray that he won’t succeed!

PS – Christy Hall probably has more energy than any ten kids you could choose.

Monday Recap

14 Apr

We hit the ground running early here in Bay St Louis. Breakfast at 6am. To our assignments shortly afterward. (Okay, that was a stretch . . . It took FOREVER to get out, and once we did two of our five teams met with major obstacles)

In the end, one team completed screening in a second-story porch, another team sanded and prepared walls of a new home for priming tomorrow, another team worked a jack-hammer busting up concrete, yet another team did some yard work and minor household repairs for a family, and ANOTHER team worked around a local church.

PHEW! Made me tired just writing about it.

Everyone is doing well, no major injuries, and getting along. We are all thankful for the sacrifices our families made to help us get here and do this. More to come tomorrow!!!!

Sunday Recap

14 Apr

A Tradition in the Wike house is to make pictures of my kids, tracking their growth through the years, in front of the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Chapel. Here is Drew, today.

Since I had a whole group of kids, though technically not mine, here they are:

We drove through the French Quarter, and it was crowded because of some festival. We were unable to stop . . . Too many people. We drove to Edgewater Baptist Church, and then to the house we gutted two years ago. Here are the folks on this trip that helped with that:

We were disappointed that the family has done very little since we were there two years ago, but we were obedient to God. That is what counts!

More to come later!

Greetings from the Gulf Coast

13 Apr

We arrived amid some type of street celebration last night around 8 pm at FBC Bay St Louis. The kids were going “Mardi Gras, Mardi Gras!” but I’ve got news for them . . . That was NO Mardi Gras (and for that I am thankful!)

The girls are bunked in rooms off the sanctuary . . . The guys are in one of the bunkhouses (which is part of their education space). We are having a great time, slept well, and are preparing to worship with FBC. Afterwards, we will go into New Orleans for the only time of our trip to look at the area we worked in two years ago.

Pray for our kids, that this will be a life-changing week. I KNOW it will for us adults!

Okay, now we are 6 – 1 (in the 2nd half)

12 Apr

They did it again!!! Our WF Lady Knights softball team beat Sumter 6-3. I almost wish we were not going into spring break, cuz we are HOT!!

Carson started the game pitching (Krissy closed the door in the last three innings) AND Carson hit a leftfield homer that hit the foul pole. That is THREE games in a row with a homer (Elizabeth Braswell hit one Thursday in Cheraw).

The Wike Kids were HITTIN last night

11 Apr

I have written much about the tear the WF Lady Knights have been on, and it IS a tear. Last night I failed to mention that BOTH of my kids got hits. Krissy, in the coveted 9th hole, got the first hit of the game for WF. I guess it was a hit . . . It was a blooper over the second baseman’s head. Drew, however, left no room for question on his first at-bat at Maple: He hit the Piggly Wiggly sign on the centerfield fence. ON THE FLY. Diana said she knew it was gone, but it fell just short.

Drew has had a rough season at the plate, so I am really thrilled. I hope this is the confidence builder he needs!