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Top Ten List

19 May

From the home office in Olanta, SC: (Seriously, I heard almost every one of these yesterday at church)

The Top Ten Things people say to you when YOU HAVE A SUNBURNED FACE:

10. You are wearing too much blush.
9. Does that hurt??
8. You look suprised.
7. You look stupid.
6. You look like a raccoon.
5. Are you okay?
4. You look embarassed.
3. Your shoes are untied.
2. Do you think that looks GOOD??

And the number ONE thing people say to you when you have a sunburned face . . .
Did you get a little sun?

The Power of Blog

19 May

I have missed blogging in the past few days . . . Went to the beach with my family and did not have internet access. Now, for the first time, I really didn’t miss it. But I DID miss the ability to blog.

I fell asleep on Saturday on the cool beach . . . There was a nice breeze . . . Temp was about 75 degrees . . . I had NO IDEA I was burning on one side of my body. The front of my legs look like a lobster and the backs look like a sheet of notebook paper. And my face has the summertime raccoon look (because I fell asleep with my sunglasses on). Ergo, 300 people reminded me yesterday to use sunblock and one told me I was wearing too much blush. Ah, the joys of being a pastor.

Back to the power of blog . . . I was talking to someone yesterday who needs a major stress release in her life, and I recommended she blog! Never done that before! She asked me “When would I find time???” So I told her what this blog does for me. In a lot of ways it helps me deal with life. Yes, there are times when I cannot write about what I really feel, but those times are few and far between. For the most part, the power of blog is one of the major pressure valves in my life.

SO . . . If you need a stress reliever . . . I fully recommend it!

Today’s funny from DAVID

14 May

I have no idea what reminded me of this, but a funny thing happened 25 years ago at the mall and I thought of it today.

My friends and I were in my pea-green 1977 Volkswagon Beetle and two of us had to go into the mall for some reason, but Chris McDowell stayed behind. We had been playing basketball or softball or something and Chris was too sweaty to go into the mall (he was VERY conscious of how he looked and smelled, unlike me then OR now).

Scott and I went in, and had been in there for a few minutes when Chris walked up. Apparently he had fallen asleep in the bug and was awakened to a burning sensation on his behind. First of all, the battery in a VW bug (back then) was under the back seat. I had to work on it at some point and had not replaced the guard over the positive terminal properly. Chris sat there, shifted the wrong way, and the back seat shorted across the battery to give him a HOT BUTT. (Sorry, but it really was like a hot foot, but . . . you know) He said it burned his butt . . . I took his word for it.

We got back to the car and a little hole was burned in my upholstery. But, don’t fret . . . The VW cranked up like a champ! Didn’t hurt the battery, just Chris. And the car smelled a little unusual for a couple of days . . .

Today’s funny from Mikey

14 May

A man was stranded on the proverbial deserted Pacific island for years.

Finally one day a boat comes sailing into view, and the man frantically waves and draws the skipper’s attention. The boat comes near the island and the sailor gets out and greets the stranded man. After awhile the sailor asks, “What are those three huts you have here?”

“Well, that’s my house there.” “What’s that next hut?” asks the sailor.”I built that hut to be my church.””What about the other hut?”

“Oh, that’s where I used to go to church.”

(WOW . . . That guy is DEFINITELY a Baptist, and I think he used to go to Ebenezer. Probably left because of the PASTOR!!!!)

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We pressed the button

13 May

Yep! We made the switch. In two weeks, we will once again be At&t (well, I guess we were Bellsouth back then, but you know what I mean).

Someone told me this is the problem with the way Time Warner has a monopoly on cable around here. That is true, and I guess a dish is the only answer to that monopoly. I am not as nervous about a dish: My parents have had a dish at their house since I was in eighth grade or so . . . In fact, I INSTALLED it (or, at least I wired it). Way back when they were so far out in the country that cable tv did not come that far, we had a big dish. It required a tuner AND a descrambler, and the first one had a numeric keypad on which I had to enter the subscription codes. It was quite a rack of equipment. Years later, they converted to a small dish.

Cable tv finally made it out to their place, and they went with it for a while. But they are back on a dish right now and loving it. So I guess we will give it a try. So long, TWC.

Switching channels

12 May

Okay, last week I blogged about a sudden jump in my Time Warner bill. For no apparent reason, it jumped $20.00 and when contacted, TWC responded with a “so!”

SO . . . We contacted AT&T and checked into their package bundles. The bottom line is that we can get the same thing through them, with a guarantee of no price change in two years, for $50.00 LESS a month. We have investigated, researched, talked to them until we are blue in the face about it . . . And it is legit. We called TWC back, told them what we found, and asked them if this was the best they could do. Their answer . . . YES.

So I guess we will initiate the switch today. My HOME email address will probably change. I will send something out to all who use it.

In all of this, TWC never even said that the price just went up . . . They just assured us we were getting all of our discounts for having cable, high speed internet, and phone service bundled.

Mother’s Day Sermon

12 May