A Call for HELP!!!

25 Oct

We were setting up tonight for the Fall Festival and there was some debate on whether or not to take some of the games back because our committee does not have enough people to man them . . . I asked them to leave the games and promised to help find more helpers. HELP!! If you read this before Wednesday evening and are not signed up to help, please let me know. The game I saved is the Baseball Throw (ironic, huh???)

Also, since we are talking about help, please pray for the Habitat project. It seems there are some that would like to see this thing fail. I have even heard talk of people withholding their money. If that is true, they will answer for that before God some day. Just pray that we will open our hearts, calendars, and billfolds as God would have us to.

Hope to see you at the Fall Festival!!


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