Habitat Saturday, part 1

28 Oct

I am going to work on the house today. This will be my first time back at the site since the groundbreaking (the last two times I have been scheduled were canceled). I hear we are laying the frame of the floor today. I bought a framing hammer at Home Depot last night, and can’t wait to swing it.

I am pretty pumped about going out there. Satan is trying so hard to bring this thing down, that I KNOW there are good things going on. I really hope everyone in our church family is praying for this project . . .

I will blog again today about the Habitat work, and try to post some pictures. In the mean time, there is another house that has garnered concern in Florence. Some churches combined to build it and got about 2/3 of the way and lost steam . . . Now that house sits on its lot, which ironically, is in front of the current dwelling of the family it was built for. How sad is that?? Jumana tells me the living conditions of that family are really sub-par, too. What can we do?? PRAY about it. Pray that God will move in a mighty way on that project.

Later . . .

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