Red Auerbach

30 Oct

Once again, American sports royalty has died . . . Arnold “Red” Auerbach has been a fixture for the Boston Celtics since Abraham Lincoln was in 2nd grade. He was a coach, a general manager, an executive, and a good-luck charm to Boston for many years. When he lit his trademark cigar, you knew the game was over . . . As a Celtic fan from the Larry Bird era, I thought Red was pretty cool. This morning on SportsCenter, they describe Red as a leader and mentor, and a man that will be missed by the city of Boston as well as the NBA.

It all makes me appreciate the fact that there are many “Reds” in our midst at Ebenezer. I could start naming them, but I would embarass some and inevitably leave someone else out, so I will not do that. But I will describe them, and you will know who they are . . .

They are encouragers. They reach out and love us and our children. They make a point to speak to as many people as possible on Sunday morning, and when they speak to you, you know someone cares that you are here. They have wise words in times of decision and in times of uncertainty. They are faithful . . . As faithful as time and health will allow. Unfortunately, we lose one or two every year. And when we lose them, they are sorely missed by their family, their friends, and their church.

And when one of them dies, I always silently wonder two things: Who will God raise up to take their place, and will I ever do as fine a job as they have done for our Lord??

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