Internet Explorer Upgrade

20 Nov

WOW!! First of all, with my notebook set up for automatic updates, it sometimes doesn’t even ask me about upgrades. Windows XP just DOES IT!! For the IE upgrade, however it DID warn me a couple of times. Naturally, I hardly read the warning and just clicked OK. I put the computer down and started watching something on TV.

About 15 minutes later, Diana picked it up and said, “Did you tell this thing to upgrade IE??” I said, “uh oh . . .” She said it wasn’t so bad, but extremely different. Boy is she right!!

It kind of makes you wonder, Why the change?? Are the gurus at Microsoft trying to keep up with their counterparts of another mother (the Apple guys)?? Do they feel the need to change ever-so-often just to keep things fresh, or to keep us guessing?? There are several new features that look really good. Time will tell if they really work!!

I am not a nay-sayer about the great and powerful Microsoft . . . I have just been through this before . . .

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