Follow the tiny bubbles

22 Nov

Remember that scene from Officer and a Gentleman when they were being trained on how to get out of their planes if underwater?? A small carriage, which was a replica of a cockpit, would go down a ramp, into a training pool, and then FLIP. Their job: Get out of the cockpit and swim to the surface. The problem: They would be disoriented, and would have to perform certain simple tasks in order to pass. In real life, if they did NOT do these tasks, they would die. This was the task that washed David Keith’s character out of the program, and led to his eventual suicide. Tough situation, especially since all he had to do was FOLLOW THE TINY BUBBLES.

The “tiny bubbles” were air bubbles, and they would LEAD HIM to safety if only he could calm down enough to see them. He would have to exercise faith that the bubbles were leading him to the surface and go with it.

All of this makes me wonder: Where are OUR tiny bubbbles? What are they??

I need some bubbles this week. Sometimes I feel like I am flipped over in that carriage and I can’t tell which way is up. And I don’t know what do to. And I am afraid I might drown. (I LOVE swimming, mind you. But the thought of being trapped in that carriage underwater is enough to boost my heart rate a little.)

I know, deep down, the bubbles are the little glimpses of Christ that we see all around us. And they are there. I just need to calm down enough to see them.

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