Post-Thanksgiving Inventory

26 Nov

Back from Easley?? CHECK
Made it back with all of my tools?? CHECK
Installed garage door for my dad?? CHECK
Not killed by deadly torsion spring on door?? CHECK
Hit hammer and obliterated left thumb putting pitching rubber down for Krissy?? CHECK
Cut ring finger on right hand fixing toy for Drew?? CHECK
Ate too much?? DOUBLE CHECK
Phone call from Diana at 10:30 Saturday morning, stating that a stranger had given her four tickets to the Clemson game?? CHECK
Left parents’ house at 11:10 and was in Death Valley at kickoff?? CHECK
Went to game, sat on 40 yard line, field level, 24 rows behind USC bench?? EL CHECKO
Got to take my son to his FIRST Clemson game?? CHECKAROONI
Went back to Easley, ate supper, and got on the road to get home at 9:00?? CHECK

Have no idea what I will preach this morning?? Do I really have to answer??

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