Challenges of Leadership

28 Nov

Since this is my 50th post, I thought it appropriate to write something that is worth reading. With that in mind, I will get back to you when I have something worthwhile to say!!

Okay, then it would no longer be the 50th, so that is no good . . . Okay, here goes: Leading people is a difficult business. A delicate highwire act is required to help people be all they can be, keep things focused on the goal, keep the boat from running aground, bring in the wayward sheep, and keep up with all of the normal activities of the organization. Needless to say (and contrary to popular belief), the church staff DOES work more than two days a week.

Pray for us. The forces of darkness would LOVE to see our church shredded into nothing, and these forces are hard at work. God is more powerful, and Jesus has already won the victory, so we have nothing to fear as long as we do not lend any credence to Satan and his schemes.

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