Can you overteach honesty?

20 Dec

Yesterday Krissy and I were going through the drive-thru at our bank. I was cashing $65 in checks. I bank at one of our hometown banks, and love it . . . I know most of the tellers, and they know me. I noticed a new teller yesterday, and honestly, she took what seemed like a long time to cash those checks. When the envelope came back, I checked it as I always do. I was surprised to find $173 in it.

So, I pulled off and laughed all the way to my shopping! Serves her right, right??? NAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I pressed the call teller button and told the other teller who answered that I think I got the wrong envelope. It was a no-brainer for me, too. I never thought about keeping it.

As they checked it out, I looked at Krissy and said, “You know why I did that??” Without blinking, she answered, “Character, dad??” She almost seemed annoyed.

Then it made me wonder if I have overtaught that one. I don’t know if she has ever been with me when that has happened before, and honestly, I can only think of one other time IN MY LIFE when a bank teller has made such a boo-boo. I went on to tell her that was not only the RIGHT thing to do, it is also what I have always seen my mom and dad do. Not only did I know it was right, I also saw it over and over again growing up.

I didn’t wonder too long after that if I have overtaught this, because I don’t believe WE CAN OVERTEACH HONESTY. And, this was just a mistake . . . I would hate for that teller to have to pull that cash out of her pocket to make her drawer balance. It just would not be right. And I would have felt so guilty if I had kept that cash.

Sometimes the right thing is the EASIEST thing to do. Thank God for those times!

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