Christmas Eve 2006

24 Dec

It is the morning of Christmas Eve . . . (Which means it is the morning of the day of the evening before Christmas, if that makes sense). Today there will be people at our church that we ONLY see at Christmas, and then maybe again at Easter. What’s up with that?? Do they think it is a good luck thing to come to church at Christmas time? Don’t get me wrong . . . I am glad they come at least those times, but HOW could they give God the back of their hands for the rest of the year? It really makes no sense at all.

Speaking of things that make no sense . . . I was in CVS a couple of days ago, and THEY ALREADY HAVE THEIR VALENTINE’S STUFF OUT!! And it was not even CHRISTMAS EVE YET!! Why not just leave it ALL OUT all year round?? Might as well . . .

Hope you have a great Christmas, and I really hope and pray you give your relationship with God the right place in your life all year round . . . He deserves our BEST!!

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