The Importance of Vision

23 Jan

Yes, the Proverb is true . . . Without vision, people perish. One of the hardest jobs as pastor has is communicating vision. I’ve spent hours reading about it, praying about it, and attempting to do it from the pulpit. I believe the appropriate vision for Ebenezer can only come from God and His word. I believe He clearly calls us to love Him, love each other, serve Him, and to GROW individually in a relationship with Him. There it is . . . simple and complete.

And, yet, there are some who refuse to hear that . . . I guess they expect blueprints and bold plans (not necessarily for a new building, but for THEIR LIVES). In Jeremiah 29:11, God promises that HE has plans for each one of us. If He gives your plans to me, I promise that you will be the first one I call. My personal experience with God is if we are in that growing relationship with Him, He WILL lead us and show us His plans. Will there be times when God calls on me, as a pastor, to set strategy and direction for the church?? Yes, and He will provide that FOR me. But none of that will mean anything to the masses if we are not each tuning in to Him and His desire for each one of us PERSONALLY.

In other words, every one of us needs to work in our personal relationships with Him. He WILL ignite us with His vision for Ebenezer, and for the Body of Christ in general. And we will not miss it!!!

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