Post-Valentine’s Day Buzz

15 Feb

I would hate to be an elementary school teacher today . . . I think I would call in sick. Last night, we almost had to call paramedics for some of our choir teachers because the kids were so hyped-up on chocolate! And, for every emotional high, there is a low. I wonder what those same kids would be like if they were assembled today. I bet there would be a big difference (unless some of them loaded up on chocolates this morning for breakfast).

Will we have the same reaction today?? Yesterday was a day to remind us of love, especially towards that special someone. Well, shouldn’t every day be like that?? Part of what makes marriages work is the commitment and everyday work. Marriage can never go into cruise control, because when it does, watch out . . . the wreck will be pretty ugly.

And, I am all about preventing those wrecks. So keep up the love!!!

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