How do YOU find enlightenment?

21 Feb

David Carridine (star of Kung Fu, for those REALLY OLD readers), says you can find it in the Yellow Book telephone directory. Al Gore says you can find it on the Internet, which by the way, HE invented. Others say you can only find it within, after getting in touch with the inner self (and some are even bold enough to claim that inner self to be “god” (with a little g).

There is only ONE GOD, and you ain’t Him (and I ain’t, either). He is the Source of all truth, of all knowledge and enlightenment. Funny thing about enlightenment: God WILL provide, but we will NEVER understand all there is to know. In fact, the more I know, the more I realize that I don’t really understand!! Not to say we should not pursue this knowledge, or this relationship . . . It is really meaningful to seek God and His face. And I believe He WILL help you understand some things. But there are some things we cannot understand, or we could not handle. Sunday morning I talked about Progressive Revelation, how God reveals Himself to us as we can handle it. He gives us time to digest ideas, to stretch our faith, and then a little more. God made us and He alone knows what we can handle.

Trust Him, and He will bring the enlightenment. And it will be more than the Yellow Book could ever bring, more than the Internet could provide, and more than L. Ron Hubbard EVER IMAGINED.

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