The Methods might change, but the Message does not

26 Feb

Yesterday morning was an awesome time of worship at EBC. Some of our senior high students and college students led us, sharing their passion about our fire for Christ. Asking questions, such as “Are we lukewarm as individuals? What is heaven really like? Will WE see it?”

At 8:30, I stood in a back room (having spent the first half-hour in Children’s Church) and I watched, listened, and observed how we as a congregation received that message. At first, I found myself wondering about some of those closest to me in the sanctuary. Were they giving any credence to this message? Were they dismissing it as “just the kids” sharing? Did this message sink in?

Talking to some after the service, I was relieved to see that it did. I appreciate the fact that some were tuned in and allowed God to make quite an impact on them yesterday. But after standing in the back, as I NEVER do, I found myself trying to figure out how to move the back to the front and get some of those folks involved.

Our willingness to reach the next generation ALSO involves our willingness to adjust to methods that will reach them. If not, we are dismissing them and will eventually LOSE them.

Sobering thoughts for a Monday morning . . .

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