Did James Cameron find Jesus?

28 Feb

What a loaded question!! I was asked yesterday to interview with one of the local television stations about this documentary, to be released by James Cameron on March 4. My schedule prohibited me from doing that, but I want to share my thoughts with you now.

What is all the buzz about??

10 small ossuaries (small coffins) found in Jerusalem claim to have the bones of Jesus, Mary Magdelene, and the son of Jesus. What an amazing find!! This is incredible, and they were even able to swab some DNA out of these age-old boxes. So, James Cameron is telling us he has the DNA of Jesus Christ! What James Cameron is not really telling everyone is this: THIS FIND WAS MADE IN 1980.

Archaeological scholars, for YEARS, have claimed this to be a find that makes great television, but is not sound. There are too many questionable circumstances surrounding this for it to be considered factual and historical. Don’t believe me?? Look it up! In 1996, a BBC crew did this same documentary, and the words I just shared are almost EXACTLY what they found and reported.

A comment was made by Cameron at the likelyhood, the slim possibility of finding so many names linked to Christ in the same burial area. He said mathematicians say the odds of this are astronomical, so therefore, this MUST be true. However, SECULAR ARCHAEOLOGISTS are saying it is a HOAX! Why would someone make up such a hoax and go to such great detail to pull it off? Okay, WHY would someone invent the Lee County Lizzard Man?? I will TELL you why . . .PUBLICITY!! Money!

I encourage you to research this and look at all of the facts. A good article on this can be found at this link:


The bottom line is this is a money-making venture, as MOST movies done by big-time directors. It will generate a lot of buzz. It will probably die down. For the Christian, this is a gentle reminder of the fact that the world will always attack and try to disarm our faith. What we know to be true IS TRUE: Jesus IS ALIVE!! His bones are NOT OUT THERE TO BE FOUND, therefore His DNA is NOT THERE!

So, the facts are clear: James Cameron did NOT find Jesus. But I wish he would . . .

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