Another School Year down . . .

16 May

Tonight is our final Wednesday night of the school year. We will restart on August 29th. This brings Wednesday night supper and missions & music for kids to a halt for the summer. I can’t believe the school year is almost over (and yet in some personal ways, it could not come fast enough). But, all things considered, it sure has gone by fast!

Next year, Krissy will be a junior and Drew will be in the seventh grade. That is really hard for me to believe . . . When we came to Ebenezer, Krissy was 4 and Drew was 1 MONTH old. I know some might say I have been here 12 years too long, it seems to me to be like yesterday when we unpacked that U-Haul into one of the Cambridge Apartments on Southborough Road.

The older I get, the faster it goes by . . . If YOU have kids, better spend time with them NOW!! Tomorrow they will be moving out!

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