Christian Learning Center at Sneed

19 May

Well, the school year is practically over and the CLC meetings will cease on Wednesday. We finished our academic stuff a few days ago and the last week or so has been character education material. It was a good semester, and all of the kids passed (although a few did it by the hair of their chinny-chin-chins). As I look back on the semester, I wonder what we really accomplished?

Certainly they learned many facts about the New Testament. About John the Baptist, Jesus, the 12 Disciples, and Paul. They learned the purpose of the Bible is to reveal God and His love to humanity. They heard the Gospel of Jesus many, many times. They learned what Jesus has to say about how we treat each other.

When I think back on the whole thing, I hope they will take at least TWO things with them: God loves them so much that He sent Jesus to DIE FOR THEIR SINS (and through this they can have eternal life) AND I hope they realize that Ebenezer Baptist Church loves them, too. I really will miss them. I know Justin will, too.

Pray for them! They are great kids, and I hope they will look back one day and see what God did for them!

And, YES, CLC will continue at Ebenezer. We have THREE classes on the slate for this fall! The CLC team will be hiring teachers for those classes, and they will be using our two vans and our facility! And I AM PUMPED ABOUT IT!!!

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