The Bitter Realities of Ministry

23 Oct

These last few weeks at EBC have reminded me of some of the bitter realities of ministry . . . Just things that attempt to get under your skin like little splinters and cause problems:

**Sometimes you can hurt someone’s feelings and not even realize it. Apparently, I am really bad at that one. But working on it!

**You cannot keep 1200 people all happy at the same time. NOT POSSIBLE!! It is like herding cats . . . You just can’t!

** It is hard for a middle child to deal with these kinds of facts.

**If you burn both ends of a candle, the wick eventually meets itself in the middle and it will burn out. Watch your wick!

**Sometimes we all have tunnel vision and think whatever it is that I am doing is the ONLY THING going on in the world! Just ask anyone on our church staff . . there is ALWAYS something else going on!

**I am getting old and sometimes forgetful.

**There is NEVER enough storage . . . NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER

**My family needs me just like everyone else.

**I am getting old and sometimes forgetful.

The list could go on and on, and I could mention the old and forgetful thing a few more times, but you get the picture. PRAY FOR ME!! PRAY FOR OUR STAFF!!

I am actually doing pretty well as I write this. God and I have this agreement . . . I will do what He says, and He will help me handle all of the little splinters!

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