The place to be on Friday night . . . TARGET

27 Oct

I just heard Diana and Jennifer Dunnam say AMEN! And I am sure a few others joined in with them. Last night Diana and I went to Target. When we go, we MUST check out all of the clearance shelves (because that is the only TRUE way to enjoy Target, and I am not being sarcastic in that statement).

Of course, it is a chance for me to visit with Ebenezer people. I NEVER go into Target without running in to two or three . . . But beyond that, I got an education last night. As we walked down one aisle, I watched a woman thump her 8 year old son on the back of the head and loudly proclaim for all to hear (including all children within earshot of her gravelly, smokey voice): I wil be glad when a certain son of mine STOPS believing in ___________ ____________. I put the blanks in just in case, but it was a reference to a certon figure that is known all over the world by different names in whom I still believe!

Then I heard another woman telling a friend, “I hate to take my 15 year old into a bar, but she LOVES to sing!” I am assuming they were talking about karaoke, but who knows . . . That one blew my mind, too.

It just goes to show you, you have to be prepared (and have earplugs in your small children’s ears) when you go to the big red target.

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