The Golden Compass

29 Oct

In the last few days I have received many e-mails about a movie coming out, starring Nicole Kidman, titled The Golden Compass. The following link tells about the movie and its validity:

This movie is based on a book by Phillip Pullman, an outspoken athiest who wrote this as an answer to the Chronicles of Narnia. Synopses of the movie state that it is about a streetwise girl and her quest to destroy a senile God, which she does in the end.

Don’t be fooled by the look or celebrities in this movie! Don’t mistake the fact that it intends to teach specific untruths about God. My prayer is that none of us will allow our kids to be influenced by such lies. Tell them the TRUTH about GOD!! Do it NOW!

This is only the latest attack on God by Hollywood. These attacks will keep coming and will be more and more appealing with each approach. Prepare your kids now. Prepare YOURSELF now. Get to know God for yourself . . . Don’t base your relationship with God on what Hollywood says about Him.

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