What kind of sheriff do we have???

27 Nov

I had another funeral today . . . Not my favorite thing to do, but a fact of life for any pastor. It makes things a little tougher when it is a friend, and Willard Anderson was a friend to me. Tough day. After the funeral, we lined the cars up to process to the graveside. The Florence County Sheriff’s Department, which always does a great job assisting funeral processions, was called away at the last minute. Sometimes that does happen. What happened next was really neat and one of those things our sheriff does . . . Behind the scenes . . . No TV cameras or press at this funeral.

But our sheriff, Kenney Boone, who was attending the funeral, found out that his guys were detained. So, he drove his unmarked vehicle to the front, turned on his blue lights, and led the procession to the Florence Memorial Gardens. I will guarantee you that very few people knew who that was in that white Suburban . . . Rolling up his sleeves and working . . . But, I am not at all surprised. That IS Kenney Boone. Not looking for the glory, just getting the job done.

THAT IS THE KIND OF SHERIFF WE HAVE. And I appreciate him for it!!!! And you probably won’t hear about this on TV-13 or any other news outlet, but that is NOT why he did it. He did it because it needed to be done.


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