Doing the Right Thing

30 Nov

I have always told my children that doing the right thing is seldom the easy thing, but it is ALWAYS the right thing. Does that make sense??

A modern example of that is happening to a friend of mine right now. To make a long story really short, a man at his church was showing inappropriate (a nice way of saying pornographic) pictures to children. My friend did the right thing, which is to call the police!!

(By the way, that is EXACTLY what I would do. Illegal is ILLEGAL . . . I would have no right to ignore the law, even if the man is my Christian brother. When it comes to the safety of children, there is NO GRAY AREA.)

The problem comes in the fact that the family of the man has really given the church staff a hard time FOR CALLING THE COPS! And good people are standing by and letting this happen!

It is bad enough that people, no matter how influencial they are in a church or community, would desire to cover up this kind of sickness. But my friend did the right thing . . . And God knows that. And I believe God will hold that family (AND anyone who stands by and lets it happen) accountable for all of the hurt and damage they cause the staff of that church. It amazes me when good people will stand by and watch bad things happen and do nothing. Sometimes we just don’t want to be bothered. PEOPLE, those moments are the very times we MUST take a stand!!

So, if you did the right thing and are catching the full fury of whomever for it, ride the wave . . .God has the last say in this matter, and He will not leave you swinging in the wind.

PS – Two things about this post: My friend does not live ANYWHERE NEAR FLORENCE, so don’t try to think this is a local church. He is far away. ALSO, if you are going to post a comment to this, at least be man/woman enough to SIGN IT. And then I MIGHT be willing to post it.

AND a request: If you are quoting scripture in any response, please include a book, chapter, and verse reference and keep it in CONTEXT!! 🙂

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