Its beginning to FEEL a lot like Christmas

18 Dec

Last week, 80 degrees in Florence, SC. Last night on the way home from basketball (approx 9:15), it was 26 on one of the bank thermometers. TWENTY-SIX!! Google says it is 24 right now in Florence.

I have always been more partial to warm weather. I like bumming around in t-shirts and shorts. Dressing up for me in the summer could include a nice pair of shorts and a polo shirt (if Diana will permit). I would probably preach in those clothes if I could get away with it.

This year, for some reason, I am ready for it to be cold. 80 degrees on the 12th of December is unnatural. But, thanks to our friends in the global warming department, these kinds of temp swings will probably occur more often untill the polar ice caps melt and we are living on a planet much like the “Waterworld” bomb starring Kevin Costner. (Hey . . . wait a tick . . . Dennis Hopper was in that movie, too. HOW DID IT BOMB??)

Anyway, it IS beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. And right now, that is alright with me.

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