Life REALLY IS Precious

28 Dec

About three weeks ago I stood at a graveside with a family, buring a father and grandfather. Yesterday, I sat with that same family because of the sudden loss of ANOTHER father and grandfather. Two days after Christmas. It is a breath-taking thing for them . . . Unexpected.

For us, a reminder that life really is precious and there is NO guarantee of tomorrow. I say those words from the pulpit from time to time, but this is evidence of the TRUTH of those words.

Hug your kids, tell EVERYONE you need to that you love them, and live life to the fullest. And, by all means, let your family know where you stand with Jesus Christ. One of the only positives in the events of the last couple of days for this family is the fact that they know, with no doubts, their father/grandfather accepted Christ and lived for Him. His hope is secured in Christ. What a gift for his family!

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