Fair is fair

25 Jan

I don’t know if you have heard all of the mess surrounding comments made by Dana Jacobson, an ESPN personality, at a recent roast. To make a long, filthy story a little cleaner, she dropped three f-bombs referring to Notre Dame (University), Touchdown Jesus (a well-known statue of Jesus holding up both arms on the Notre Dame campus), and finally one referring to Jesus. The question now is how far will ESPN and ABC go to make this right??

Yesterday on SportsCenter they read the weakest of weak apologies from Jacobson herself. I was extremely disappointed. I am not a fan of Jacobson’s and now will never be, but I am disappointed in ESPN and in ABC (parent company of ESPN). This summer, ABC FIRED an actor named Isaiah Washington for using an anti-gay term referring to a gay costar of his . . .

But, when it comes to God and Christianity, fair is NOT fair . . . Christianity, once again, is an open target to anyone who wishes to take a shot. I know that any kind of celebrity roast nowdays is going to use filthy language and be unwatchable . . . Roasts are not like they were when Dean Martin seemed to broadcast one each week in the 70s. Those could be watched by families. I made the mistake of trying to watch one on Comedy Central a couple of years ago: That ended in about 47 seconds.

The bottom line is this: Neither ABC, ESPN, nor the rest of them are going to show any respect or reverence to the name of our Savior. We need to take THAT into account as we patronize these folks . . . That is the great thing about a free market system: WE decide who is successful and who is NOT.

After all, fair IS fair!

Dave’s thought for the day:
What you say ABOUT people, and HOW you talk TO people, tells the story of YOUR CHARACTER.

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