Parenting 101 – Values

30 Jan

Values play such an important role in raising children. From where do YOUR values come? If Christ is our Savior, we are called to a higher standard, as are our values. And through His word, God is pretty clear about what He expects in us. In other words, He is pretty clear about what is right and what is wrong. Our job is to teach this to our children.

A man and wife need to TALK about their values and be consistent when applying and teaching them to their children. Okay, that is OBVIOUS . . . The next step, while maybe not so obvious, is just as important. A great dilemma in life is the fact that you cannot choose your children’s friends. This is true . . But you MUST be careful to know the parents of those friends when your child starts spending time in other homes. DO NOT ASSUME that all parents share your values, even if they LOOK like you (coming from the same socio-economic background). There are a billion different value systems just in Florence. And some of them, in my opinion, are pretty messed up.

There are parents in Florence who would buy your kids alcohol (and worse). There are parents in Florence who would laugh if their child was caught stealing from a retail establishment . . . (My kids would be grounded until they turn 50). Bottom line, there are parents who do NOT believe the same things that YOU believe about right and wrong, and some of them might be your neighbors and acquaintances.

That is why it is so important to know the parents of your children’s friends. Trust me, if you do not, it WILL come back to burn you (like when your kids do something wrong, you ground your kid for a month and they ground theirs for two days . . . Wait until that happens and see how pleasant it is!)

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