24 Mar

Are you part of a family?? I KNOW you have parents . . . But, are you part of a family? I several families in this world. Of course, my parents and their families are tight-knit, and that is a good thing. Diana and I do make it back to Greenville ever-so-often as we did this weekend. It was a short trip, but something we love to do.

I have families in Greer and New Orleans as well. In Greer, there are still some folks at Fairview Baptist Church that remember me serving on their staff. I would say that they are family. I also have family in Harvey, LA, and other points on the map, from our days at Woodmere Baptist Church. I have gone back for weddings, get e-mails and cards, and they are still considered family by me.

And, of course, there is my Florence family . . . Ebenezer. We have been here for almost 13 years. This is home, and my family. And I love my family. Easter used to be a depressing time, because it is a family holiday and we could never go back to Greenville . . . Now, I love spending it with my Florence family.

Family is something we have at Ebenezer. All churches do not have it or even desire it. But it is perhaps the greatest trait of EBC, and I am thankful.

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